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postmodernism. beat poetry.

irony/playfulness/black humor making fun of something that usually isn’t appropriate to make fun of intertextuality remake a story with different elements pastiche imitation of previous artist metafiction a story within a story maximalism excessive elaboration allowing little room for exaggeration minimalism simplest elements used to create maximum effect temporal distortion time travel that jumps around fabulation story exaggerated to the point of fantasy poioumena novel that blurs reality and fiction.

Russian Revolution – Bloody Sunday

At the beginning of the 20th century, the average Russian peasant worked around 10 hours a day. Famine was a constant threat, and farmers were completely unrepresented in any sort of parliament.Conditions in factories for industrial workers were extremely harsh, and little concern was shown for workers health and safety.The tsarist government’s policy of political repression brought misery to the working class. Freedom of religious and political expression was denied,

British soldiers to their commanders during the First World War

When I evaluate and explain how sources A to C show how British soldiers reacted towards their generals and to find out what they thought of them. When evaluating the sources I will consider, who wrote it, when, for who and why they wrote it. I will also analyse the meaning of particular sources and assess the usefulness of them In source A you can see that it is not

How far did Germany undergo a Social Revolution

The question asks whether actions in Germany concerning the Nazi Party versus the state, the army, SS terror and violence, propaganda, propaganda and culture, education and youth, women and the church contributed to Germany undergoing a social revolution. Hitler claimed the “Nazi party has become the state”. This suggested that the church, army and civil service were all controlled by the Nazis but in reality a dual state was in

The French Worker

The French Worker Name: Class Information: The French Worker This book combines the reflections of seven different French workers during different periods in history. The book includes stories from people who witnessed the starting of the industrial revolution in France. Most of the authors in the book were farmers at times they were writing their stories. Writing from different perspectives, their accounts of what they witnessed might sound different due

Coco Channel and Elsa Schiaparelli

Coco Chanel (1883-1971) Brief Background: Coco Chanel was born in a workhouse in the Loire Valley where her mother used to work, she was born in 1883 and her real name is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, however she later claimed that her date of birth was 1893 which made her ten years younger. Her mother passed away when she was six years old, leaving five children behind her husband, whom he

In picked distinctive “weapons” to battle the desperation,

In this untypical autobiography, A Choice of Weapons, Gordon Parks describes the tale of the obstacles he faced as an energetic adult and how he restricted taking up basic weapons, for example, firearms and blades. Parks saw that such a harsh fate could easily have been his had he not picked distinctive “weapons” to battle the desperation, racism, and ignorance around him. Parks brought about utilizing a camera and captured

Jane Eyre

Jane’s Quest for Love and Acceptance Charlotte Bronte’s, Jane Eyre, is an autobiography that focuses Jane Eyre’s past and her search in finding love and acceptance. The inception of Jane Eyre’s quest begins with her infancy and continues all throughout her adult life. She is presented with new obstacles as she ages all which test her vigorously. Her successes present themselves during her stays at Gateshead, Lowood, Thornfield, and lastly

How to Write an Sociology Autobiography

How to Write an Sociology Autobiography BY Itssa07 Choose an aspect or aspects of your life to consider in a broader view. Are you a child of divorce? Did you have two working parents or a stay-at-home parent? Are you of the first generation that grew up with computers? Is your household liberal or conservative? Are you employed or unemployed? Have you ever been the victim of a crime or


Slavery BY Tpalonel 7 Plot Summary Prologue: “Middle-Class Pastoral” In the prologue, Rodriguez introduces himself and his book, referring to it as “essays impersonating an autobiography; six chapters of sad, fuguelike repetition. ” He makes clear that his purpose in putting together the book was to write about how education moved him from boyhood to manhood. Chapter One: Aria” In this essay, Rodriguez focuses on how the use of language

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