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Harlem Renaissance literature

Alain Locke educator, philosopher, writer, editor, promoter, architect, interpreter of renaissance. Harvard Ph.D. in 1918Attended oxfordRhodes scholarhumanistnew negro movement Jessie Fauset “The crisis” editorWrote about middle class black people voiceTheme – transcend and survive artistic leader Jessie Fauset There is confusion Jessie Fauset Plum Bun James Weldon Johnson Teacher, writer, poet, songwriter, diplomatmentored by Frederick DouglassEarly HR writer James Weldon Johnson 1 lyrics to “lift every voice and sing” James

North American Ethnic Minorities’ Literature

The Woman Warrior is a book that fascinated me when I was reading it. There were many things that contributed to my fascination, but the most remarkable is that, despite traditionally included within the group of non-fiction books (It is even considered, joined with China Men, the biography of Maxine Hong Kingston); it is never clear -at first- where it is placed the boundary between memory, invention, history and myth.

Aron to Larry and Donna Ralston in Marion,

Aron Lee Ralston was born October 27, 1975 to Larry and Donna Ralston in Marion, Ohio. Ralston graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with degrees in French and mechanical engineering. Ralston and his wife, Jessica Trusty, had their first child, Leo Ralston in February 2010. Aron, an avid outdoorsman, set a goal of mountaineering all of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks, which he later accomplished in 2005. His fearless

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