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Introduction: blood sugar level) with disruption of carbohydrate, fat,

Introduction:Thisreport is an evaluation of an assessment done on the management of poor controlof type 2 diabetes, by a trainee pharmacist independent prescriber in a GPsurgery. During consultation, a history taking process involving patient’spresenting complaint, medical and drug history, blood test results and diabeticfoot test were examined to reach a known diagnosis (type 2 diabetes). The signsand symptoms of type 2 diabetes, exhibited by the patient are then criticallyanalysed and

Requirements that can be designed for the different applications

 RequirementsFor successful implementation of Internet of Things (IoT), the basics are (a) Dynamic resource demand (b) Realtime needs (c) Exponential increase of demand (d) accessibility of applications(e) Data guard and user privacy (f) Efficient power consumptions ofapplications (g) Execution of the applications near to end users (h) Access toan open and inter operable cloud system. According to another author, there arethree components, which required for seamless Internet of Things (IoT)computing

About sadhus. Head of department and professor of sociology

About the Author: Govind SadashivGhurye (1893-1984) is a towering figure in intellectual and academic circlesfor his unique contribution in the field of Indian sociology. He is consider asthe ‘father of Indian sociology.’ It was the tragedy of G. S. Ghurye to beovershadowed by one of his own students the modest but brilliant M. N.Srinivas. But the difference was as much in historical moment as inscholarship. Ghurye made his career in

“What types from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) images

“What fraction of starswere formed in Isolated Galaxies and Interacting Galaxies?”Mary LavisC1408993Abstract: The aims ofthis project were to understand the general questions of galaxy evolution andto understand the idea of galaxy interactions and the effects the interactionshave on the gas and stars. This knowledge was then used to classify galaxytypes from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) images of Great ObservatoriesOrigins Deep Survey (GOODS-South)into isolating and interacting so that the total

what six of the endangered animals. The findings

what could bedone to prevent this from reoccurring next summer as the whales migrate backinto the populated areas of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. “I heard about that, Idon’t understand why they would want to be in such a busy area,” oneparticipant said. After two months studying the carcasses of seven right whalesfound dead off Canada’s Atlantic coast this past summer, scientists haverevealed what killed six of the endangered animals.

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INTRODUCTIONTechnologicalimprovements in the field of science and health care have given rise to theapplication of computer aided systems and applications in handling medical andhealth issues. Medical practitioners which include doctors, laboratory specialistsand assistants, nurses are faced with hundreds of situations where they have tomake a decision about the health condition of their patients based on thepatient’s symptoms and signs.With the increasingneed for efficient health care and the need for timely

An in a language environment (Richards & Rodgers, 2001).

An activity can be described as “atask that has been selected to achieve a particular teaching/learning goal” (Richards& Lockhart, 1994). According to Richard and Lockhart (1994), besidesinfluencing how teachers conceptualize teaching, activities also play animportant role in shaping the ways they organize their lessons. Uçar (2009)explains the importance of activities in terms of learning process with ametaphor as “Activities are the meat of the languagelearning process because theoretical aspects of

1.1 operations. Jurnal Teknologi (Science & Engineering), 78(8), 109-115.

1.1           IntroductionIn this chapter discuss the materialsinvolved and how the sample of Citrus Sinensis is prepared before it becomesready to be observed and analysed with the synthetic based mud using thevarious tools which are mud balance, API Filter press, HPHT Filter press, andElectrical Stability Voltmeter. The study will be conducted in accordance withthe API RP 13B-2 Recommended Practice for Field Testing Oil-Based DrillingFluids. Figure 3.1 has summarized the project flow chart

Introduction stages to avoid more complications (ADA, adopted 1995,

Introduction     Malocclusion is defined as the condition when the dental arches aremal-related to each other or there is irregularity in teeth positions beyondthe normal limits (Walther et al., 1994), it is mostly a developmentalcondition rather than pathological (Meer et al., 2016) and according toWHO, dental malocclusion comes in the third place after dental caries andperiodontal disease as the most prevalent oral pathosis (WHO, 1962).     There aremany suggested etiological factors of

As different regulations for different countries to make sure

 As a seller, your reputation is everything, something to which your customers will testify.  You have a great product, your customer service is impeccable – so don’t let your hard work be ruined by your chosen freight forwarder.  Most complaints about goods bought online refer to goods arriving late or not at all and goods arriving damaged, complaints which will often result in goods being returned and refunds demanded.  Your

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