Controversial Essays

Should Capital Punishment be allowed or not

According to a dictionary a crime is `an act punishable by law, as being forbidden by statute or injurious to the public welfare’. Sounds straight forward, but particularly the way that crime is interpreted and acted upon is very controversial. One of these controversial matters is capital punishment. Basically capital punishment is the death sentence as punishment for crimes such as murder. Whether capital punishment should be allowed or not

The Death Penalty – Is it Barbaric or Justice

How long must we suffer the agony of losing a loved one and losing the right for justice? Recently shadow Home Secretary David Davis said how he felt the death penalty was something which should be brought back. I cannot agree more as the notion of life meaning life is very rarely used and any judge would tell you it is now only in extreme cases that it is used.

Voluntary Euthanasia

‘No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’. 1 Imagine at the age of 40, you are diagnosed with Motor neurone disease, a fatal disease that causes degeneration of the motor neurones, which leads the wasting of muscles. You are intellectually sound but totally dependant on your spouse for physical support. You are aware of the fact that your death is imminent and

Juveniles vs Capital Punishment

Capital punishment has always been a controversial topic that could be debated until the end of time. However, a new element of the issue has taken the center stage of the legal world that has diverted focus to the Supreme Court. The factor whether it is appropriate for the death penalty to be imposed on juvenile offenders is now debated in courtrooms all over the nation. Although the American public

Theory of Knowledge

The boundaries between ethics and science are very controversial. Many scientists have the attitude that they are willing to do anything if it provides for a gain in knowledge. Others have tried to impose a set of ethical values over the gaining of knowledge. They have attempted to make prior judgments as to what science should or should not do based on attempts to project into the future what the

Is Abortion ever morally right

Abortion is a very controversial subject. Many believe in the sanctity of life, yet so many people get confused when it comes to the premature abortion of an unborn foetus. It is hard to distinguish when the human foetus is actually a living being. Is it when the organs are formed in the womb? Or when the heart starts beating? Some people may believe life begins at birth, and some

The attitudes of Roman Catholic and Anglican churches to Homosexuality

The context of sexual ethics today deals within a western culture the increase of sexually based crimes, higher levels of HIV and AIDS along with a rising teenage pregnancy rate. There are many differing opinions on the reason for such an increase in negative forms of sexual related issues including the opinion held by some that a loss of respect for Christian morals and teachings is responsible for the current

My View Of Authority

When people talk about authority they refer to the justification and right to exert power over other people to achieve a purpose. Usually that purpose is to apply rules to everyone and to make sure people who do not follow the rules are punished accordingly. The question is, what gives them the right to govern others, what gives them the power to dictate laws and why do we follow them

The bible to be a Christia

This essay is going to analyse whether you need to read the bible to be Christian, by looking at two sides of the argument. Many Christians and non-Christians believe strongly that to be classed as a Christian, you must read the bible. On one hand, the bible is the only Christian holy book. It contains the Christian teachings, unchanged since they were written, which gives guidelines and advice on how

How reliable and useful is the evidence about Stoke Bruerne

* * The peach coloured booklet called “the Canal at Stoke Bruerne. David Blagrove wrote this. It was first printed in 1971, and then re-printed in January 1999. It was written and put together by the museum at Stoke Bruerne to inform people of the changes that happened there and for them to read on their way round. It is useful and reliable as the museum has all the original

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