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    The supervisors must have some objectives toachieve. They cannot sketch everything in advance. Several times he has respondto the needs of the circumstances which has arisen suddenly. The supervisormust also be able to have qualities such as being committed, having amissionary zeal, taking responsibility instead of fleeting the blame to others.he should be creative, It means that thesupervisor must have the ability to come  with new responses to situations. he

Dubai The reason for this well developed infrastructure

Dubai is well-known for maintaining an advanced and developed infrastructure from roads to airports to telecommunications.It is said that Dubai has a vision to be among ‘the best in the world’, so they have been working really hard to improve the infrastructure even though it is considered good enough already. The reason for this well developed infrastructure can be because of the small size of the country which is just

My ninety-nine- Columbine High School killings were something

My responses to Gus Van Sant’s Elephant with close reference to post-screening discussion inmind is elaborated in the following essay presented below:- I believe in our contemporary society the duration and length of cuts and camera angles of anymedium has become so fast paced that we need a movie like Gus Van Sant’s Elephant to remindus of the beauty and elegance of languid and mundane filmmaking. Films of today have

Too to act is what makes for an

Too often when scrolling through our daily Instagram feed, Facebook notifications or hundreds of tweets, we are only half engaged. This inner urge to “stay up to date” on all things social media has become so mundane that often we are only absentmindedly scanning the posts of our followers. That is until that one Instagram post jumps out and grabs our attention, evoking strong emotions and at times, even calling

Students those who got high grades money it

             Students now days are struggling in schools because oftheir grades. They need something to motivate them or make them feel proud ofwhat they are doing to get high grades. Teachers and parents suffer more thanthe students but we found an easy way to solve this problem by giving money tothe students who get high grades. It is an easy way to motivate them.   They will believe that any

Expressing business. I believe I’ve gained a lot

Expressing my creativity has been my passion since my early teens.I believe a course in Creative advertising with marketing covers all the areas or interests and knowledge I need to start my own business. The modules involved will help me elaborate on what I’ve learnt in college. As a dynamic blogger I was attracted to the module, Managing social media and Advertising Campaign Management.I’ve generally been occupied with composing an

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The study of semiotics in attempting to observe how things mean has beenuseful to identify the language behind pre-wedding photo activities inIndonesia. The application of this knowledge to analyse the signifier andsignified of pre-wedding photo activity generates interesting findings aboutIndonesian communities. Pre-wedding photo shoots in Indonesia havepresumably been performed for so many years that it has become the ideal ofevery couple that wants to tie the knot. The ideology of

DIVERGENTFear talking bout veronica herself,she was born august

         DIVERGENTFear doesn’t shut you down it wakes you up. A quote from the marvelous book Divergent written by Veronica Roth ,Veronica has won many awards but for the book Divergent she,some of them you may not recognize but,the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Young Adult Fantasy,Science Fiction Goodreads Choice Awards,Favorite Book Goodreads Choice Awards,Best Debut Goodreads Author.Veronica has written many many books so i wont get into it a lot.So let’s

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A butterfly. With brown wings and white spots of different shapes and sizes. You can seethis butterfly is not perfect but it is beautiful. This particular type ofbutterfly has a special significance to my family because it is a symbol of theamazing and inspiring women that was my late grandmother. A women whose lifewas like a journey on a train , full of different stations , routes ,passengers as well

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