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Study Guide Section 3

3-24-1. The first modern conservatory of music was founded in __________.a. Londonb. Parisc. Viennad. Berline. New York b. Paris 3-24-2. Beethoven’s first music teacher was __________.a. his fatherb. Haydn (first teacher in Vienna)c. Mozartd. Albrechtsbergere. J. C. Bach a. his father 3-24-3. Of the following, which was not a way that Beethoven earned a living during his first creative period?a. performing on the pianob. publishing piano musicc. teaching piano lessonsd.

test 4

Johannes Brahms: was a close friend of Clara and Robert Schumann. Composers expressed musical nationalism in their music by All of these. Music criticism was a source of income for both Hector Berlioz and Robert Schumann Mendelssohn earned an international reputation, and rekindled an interest in the earlier composer’s music, by conducting the first performance since the composer’s death of: Bach’s St. Matthew Passion Which of the following statements is

music 2 test

barroco irregular shaped pearl the _________ is a keyboard instrument whose strings are plucked by quile harpsichord Handel was considered a master of writing what form oratario dido sings her favorite lament in the opera “dido and aeneas” just prior before doing what kills herself the first era of western music history in which instrumental music was a major vocal for composers for what time period the baroque era the

Creative writing semester 1 final

Generative writing Free-Writing, listing, brainstorming Generative writing describes: Types of writing done to generate and explore ideas Techniques for showing Dialogue, sensory details, action Generative writing differs from drafting Generative writing is generating ideas. Drafting is putting down the first version of the story. Memoir Nonfiction based on personal experience or memory Difference between memoir and autobiography Autobiography details a long span of time; memoir focus on a theme Difference

World History: Chapter 7 China’s First Empire 221 B.C.E.- 589 C.E.

Many Chinese believed that Laozi had brought Buddhism to India becauseA) the Buddha had been a disciple of Laozi’s.B) Buddhism was inferior to Daosim.C) Buddhism and Daoism had significant similarities.D) Buddhism had originated in China. C) Buddhism and Daoism had significant similarities. Confucian ideas were considered useful under the Former Han Dynasty for all of the following reasons exceptA) that the mandate of heaven provided an ethical justification for dynastic

Writing a Literary Analysis Essay about Poetry

Read the sentences below.(1) In describing the woman’s beauty, Byron writes, “And all that’s best of dark and bright / Meet in her aspect and her eyes. ” (2) At the end of the poem, the woman is described as having “a mind at peace with all below” and “a heart whose love is innocent.” (3) Through the use of common words and phrases such as these, Byron succeeds in

Effects of Some Poetic Devices

Alliteration gains reader’s attention through repetition of a consonant sound, appeals to the sense of hearing, emphasizes words, links lines, unifies stanzas (or the poem as a whole), enhances flow of poem. Assonance draws attention to particular words or lines through repetition of a vowel sound, appeals to the sense of hearing, enhances the development of the image created by words. Couplet Emphasizes two lines, enables the poet to develop

Jews have a day of rest called Sabbath or Shabbos

Sabbath is a day for Jews to rest and are forbidden to do any work because its holy day, not just a day off. They are forbidden to do work so they can devote themselves to prayer and to study the torah. By resting on Sabbath, Jews show their belief that god created the world, and rested on the 7th day, as they rest on Sabbath, they see themselves imitating

How successful was Stalin’s desire to transform the Soviet society

Stalin was the Secretary of the Communist Party in 1922 and came to power as the result of the death of Lenin in 1924. Stalin followed the principles of Marxism which may defined as the ‘theory and practice of the proletarian revolution’. They maintained that liberal capitalism could not achieve human emancipation but only through a ‘utopian’ community that worked together, without classes, could this be achieved. Stalin placed huge

History of the Automobile

History of the Automobile Name History of the Automobile Introduction________________________________________________________________ 3 The introduction of the history of the automobile introduces the main implications that were responsible for the development of the automobile to its current state. The introduction provides a brief insight on the automobile innovation. The Early Automobile Era The 17th Century_______________________________________________________ 3 The 17th century signifies the beginning of automobile innovation, which commenced from the invention of the

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