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what could bedone to prevent this from reoccurring next summer as the whales migrate backinto the populated areas of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. “I heard about that, Idon’t understand why they would want to be in such a busy area,” oneparticipant said. After two months studying the carcasses of seven right whalesfound dead off Canada’s Atlantic coast this past summer, scientists haverevealed what killed six of the endangered animals.

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“We need to figure out how to build systems and structures that allow good people of honest intent to do great things together.”- Chris Lehmann. It is important that we find what systems and structures work for students to make education better. In building a new high school, it is crucial to instill systems so students can flourish. To create this kind of environment, a new high school should include

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Heart is the most important part of thebody and the key of blood circulation. It is located beneath the sternum and isabout the size of our fist. The heart beats average seventy beats per minuteand pumps about 5 liters of blood per minute, or total volume of blood in the humanbody each minute. Humans are not able to live without heartsand many scientists have been focusing on how to mend

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Penetration Testing.With the development of technology the world has now become a global village transcending countries and borders. Most of our daily activities are now channeled through the internet and complex computer networks. Large conglomerates, governments, essential services are now all heavily dependent on networking and the internet in order for them to function at optimal capacity. Though having major advantages, these complex information technology dependent systems?are vulnerable to various

Understanding amount to be spent in acquiring customers.

Understanding customer behaviour and improving customerexperience is critical in  competitivemarket place. Today’s customer expects personalized experiences with retailersand brands. To meet such expectations and to improve the business growth, companiesseek various customer analytics techniques and apply insights from customersacross the globe. The dataset we have chosen for analysis consists of data of acompany called dunnhumby. Dunhumby enables Retailers and brands to tap into themost advanced customer analytics technique to provide

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Pygmalion between Ambition and Identity1. The writer life (George Bernard Show)1.1 His life:George Bernard Show is a one the famouswriter 19th century, born in Dublin in 1856. His father (George CarrShow) and his mother (Lucinda Gurley Show). He is the youngest child and onlyson of his family. In his first early life, live in Irish with his family,before that he lived in Hampshire. His family were faith in ProtestantAscendancy in Irelandbut

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The United States has always been a country of innovators.South American tribes are credited with the creation of the first version ofthe modern syringe1,  Miller Reese Hutchinson of Alabama was thefirst to invent the hearing aid2,and without the efforts of Roger Easton, millions of people would be lost intoday’s GPS-dependent world3.But with consideration toward innovative implementation of renewable energy,the United States is far behind many other industrialized nations. With ahistory

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Immense impact of a natural disaster, its causes and consequences are often affected by the human race. As they say-‘without people there is no disaster’ ( O’ Keefe, Westgate & Wisner, 1976)there is nothing natural about them, the true threat, thus, being not the nature but the inhabitants of the affected area and the conditions they dwell in. It combines two elements: events and vulnerable people. In the developing world,

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Agents of socialization are the family, peer groups, school, and mass media, and these groups dictate someone’s social and self-development. Agents of socialization provide children with critical information that is needed to function successfully as a member of society. Each agent of socialization is linked to each other. The family is the primary and is a very  important agent of socialization. In most societies, the family has always been considered

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