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Professional by the American Academy of Family Physicians

  Professional Collaborationin Clinical Practice Guideline Development LeighCollins – VazquezKaplanUniversityMSN581 FNP II – Primary Care of Children andAdolescence  Unit9 AssignmentProfessorDr. Renell ShellJanuary10, 2018    CASESCENARIO:S: A 5-year-old male is brought to the primary care clinic by hismother with a chief complaint of bilateral ear pain for the last three days.The mother states that the child has been crying frequently due to the pain.Ibuprofen administered at home with minimal relief. Today, refused breakfastand appeared to be

Joseph can no longer function normally without it.

Joseph Dameron 11/12/17Porn pt 5Pornography is considered one of the most dangerous drugs, it can cause masterbation, divorce and it’s not healthy for your soul. Did you know that twelve percent of websites online are pornographic. There is 644 million websites twelve percent is porn… that’s a total of 77,280,000 porn websites that is insane. Pornagraphy is highly frowned upon and is shamed like ISIS members will be executed if they

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There are generally no signs or symptoms associated with high BP, aptly bestowing upon it the sobriquet of ”silent killer”. As a result, high BP is usually undiagnosed and only alarming complications like heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, heart failure, kidney problems resulting from narrowed blood vessels, retinopathy and cognitive problems which include difficulties with memory and understanding, bring to light the presence of full-blown hypertension. However, high BP can be

Genome-wide The aim of this GWAS study was

Genome-wideassociation studies (GWAS) have seen an increase in popularity and success dueto continued advancements in recent years. Such studies aim to provide a way toidentify common genetic variants that could account for the genetic risk componentsof common human diseases. There are two common GWAS designs, a case-controlstudy and a population-based study. The study discussed here was based on thecase-control design. The disease in question for this study waschronic kidney disease

Abstract. interesting point–maybe explain a bit more.” And

Abstract.     In this papers, I’m going to continue discussing a previous topic which is related to assignment number 4, and the article was about “The Internet of Things Is Changing How We Manage Customer Relationships” by Ric Merrifield. I’ve chosen this topic because of Dr.FRED KOHUN’s comment which was “Very interesting point–maybe explain a bit more. ” And the point was “big data and IoT made the CRM more complicated

According As Frankenstein demonstrates, scientists’ disregard of ethics

According to Marcia Angell, “One reason ethical codes are unequivocal about investigators’ primary obligation to care for the human subjects of their research is the strong temptation to subordinate the subjects’ welfare to the objectives of the study. That is particularly likely when the research question is extremely important and the answer would probably improve the care of future patients substantially” (Angell 1). Often times in society, it is not

Summary they were not just using the new

Summary Since the Camera cameon shelves there has never been something that changes the look of art making onsuch a big stage as digital art. Digital art uses digital technology in acreative and practice use. When the digital age began around the 1950 it was onlya matter of time before artists would use the technologies for their owncreative use. As with all new means, artists began to use these brave

It points out, in low and middle-income countries

It is clear and broadly demonstrated that themethod of provider payment, as Donalson and Simoens argued, may impact theprovider behavior both clinical andprofessional. These behaviors at the sametime, impact the subsequent health care that those providers deliver to theirpatients. (Donaldson 1989;Simoens 2004).  Capitation is oneof the payment method heavily challenged and criticized especially by the direct providers – physicians (Berwick 1996). Health Care systems in different countries are focussed onachieving

Pressure “F” is the applied force, and “A”

Pressure is defined as simply the amount of force that is appliedin a direction perpendicular to a unit of area of an object. Pressure is one ofmany properties in the study of fluid, similar to temperature, density,viscosity and more. Pressure is defined with the following equation:In the above equation, “p”represents pressure which is usually measured in SI unit of Pascal or imperialunit of psi. The “F” is the applied force,

Introduction of sentence varies with the type of

IntroductionAlternative sentencing is also referred to asnon-custodial sentence or community sentence. It is a term used in criminal justice to refer to all alternative waysused by courts to punish defendants who have been convicted of breaching thelaw, other than using a capital punishment or custodial sentence. The adoptionof alternative sentencing helps the offender to avoid consequences associatedwith imprisonment such as revolving door syndrome. Furthermore, it helps toreduce crowding in prisons as

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