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Analyzing accessibility of credit and information on improved

Analyzingthe Adoption of Improved Maize Kenya Production Technologies among SmallholderFarmers in Kericho County,  MATACHO MATTHEW ROBLEA87/31260/2014EMAIL: [email protected]  SUPERVISOR: DR. DAVID JAKINDADepartment of AgriculturalEconomicsUniversityof Nairobi, Kenya JANUARY, 2018              ABSTRACTThisstudy assessed on adoption of technology to increase maize productivity inKericho parts of Kenya. Based on finding was found that 74% of farmers haveadopted the use of improved technologies in maize production. The main findingsthat were found to be significant influence on farmer’s adoption of improvedtechnology

Abstract: showed that the calculated ‘t’ value (70.275)

Abstract:Thepurpose of this experimental study was to investigate the effects of a SystematicManipulative Skills Motor Activity (SMSMA) Programme on the Eye-Hand coordinationof children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 10 children aged between 5years to 7 years with moderate level of ASD were selected using thenon-probability based convenience sampling technique. These children underwent a6 week SMSMA Programme designed by the Researcher for 45mins, 5 days a week.The Eye-Hand coordination of these

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