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This sectionpresents and compares VM migration op-timization schemes that considerbandwidth, DVFS-enabled power, and storage optimization to reduce the sideeffects of VM migration process. VM migration through LAN abuses networkattached storage (NAS) architecture to share the storage between communicatingservers. But, migrating a VM across WAN boundaries requires migrating largesized storage in addition to VM memory over intermittent links A. Bandwidth optimization This section discusses effectively using of limited network capacity toenhance application performance

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In a workplace/business, there are many ways to deal withincidences that involve hazards, illness and risks. One of the ways to dealwith these incidences is to identify them in the engineering workplace. Thenwhen the hazard, illness or risk has been identified then there are countermeasures and control measures that are put into place so that business can stillwork within a safe manner. Methods used to identify the hazard, illness or

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Seeing clumps of your hair lying here, there andeverywhere can be particularly trying. Hair adds that extra dimension to yourbeauty. Before you reach out for thoseexpensive hair treatments try out some of the best home remedies for hairgrowth and prevent hair loss, here. As much as you would like to get overnight results with quick remedies,it isn’t such a smooth ride, remedies, especially natural remedies give resultsbut it takes time. So

3.1 oleh terapi. 3. Alamat pasien tidak ditemukan.

 3.1  RancanganPenelitian Penelitianini bersifat observasional analitik dengan pendekatan crosssectional. Yangdimaksud dengan penelitian analitik yaitu penelitian yanghasilnya tidak hanya berhenti pada tarafpendeskripsian, akan tetapidilanjutkan sampai taraf pengambilan simpulanyang dilakukan denganmenggunakan uji statistik untuk menganalisisdata yang diperoleh. Yangdimaksud dengan pendekatan cross sectional yaitu pengumpulan data yangdilakukan hanya satu kali pada saat yang samauntuk menjawab suatupertanyaan penelitian (Taufiqurohman, 2004). 3.2  Tempat danWaktu PenelitianPenelitian ini mengambildata rekam medis di RSDdr. Soebandi Jember.Pengambilan data primer dilakukan

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The relationshipbetween policymakers and the intelligence agencies is an important oneespecially with regard to national security. This relationship is predicatedupon clear roles and responsibilities assigned to each of the two. However, itis not always the case that these roles and responsibilities are effectivelyexecuted. For example, intelligence services only inform policy, but there havebeen attempts by these intelligence service providers to actively createpolicies. In the abstract, intelligence services should serve as

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The concept of ESP (English forSpecific Purposes) and General English (GE) teaching and learning  are not equivalent to each other, but a kindof specialized English.  After 1960s ithas been flourished as an independent field. There are different conditions oflearning and teaching methods in ESP in the comparison with General English (GE)but the most prominent and noticeable distinction among ESP and GE is thelearners themselves and their aim of learning English.

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Uber rican technology company basedin Silicon Valley and headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. Its main product is aride-hailing application by the name of ‘Uber’, which is one of the world’smost popular taxi apps. The company has so far covered 674 cities in 83countries in all 6 inhabited continents, completing more than 40 million ridesa month worldwide. Apart from its flagship service ‘Uber’, the company has alsoventured into a variety of different

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Method       Ten articles that met the selectioncriteria were reviewed. I searched  inCINAHL ,PubMed, science direct, Scopus and google schooler without languagerestrictions, from  to use  multiple subjects headings and free text keywords related to modes of birth  such as: vaginal birth after Cesarean, Cesarean section, VBAC ,repeat cesarean. Ourpopulation of interest included women who had one or more previous cesarean, women with history  VBAC and a repeat cesarean birth. A review

Research IoT, which has widespread application in various

Research gap Over the years the use of technologies and advancement in medical field has improved the life expectancy of people globally and has increased the proportion of elderly people. People aged 65 or older fall in the elderly people group and in the year 2010, eight percent of the world population were in this group which is around an estimate of 524 million people. By the year 2050, this

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Can a Top down Approach in public policy making can bring the desired result? In my experience answer is big “No”. But there is much bigger question that “How can we fix this”. As a development professional I have always thrived to get answers to this question. While pursuing rural management in my post-graduation, working within different thematic area of rural development, I understood realities of exclusion, vulnerability and development. This

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