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The reason behind the selected study area is because ofpersonal interest in marketing and branding, by which have always been part ofmy passion throughout my academic years due to the complex psychological andbehavioral elements that these subjects entail. Acknowledging best practices inthe way marketing and branding are applied within technology nowadays iscrucial due to the rapid growth and high dependency on the internet, which issignificant within the tourism industry. The use

The of fast fashion? Within this research, the qualitative

Theaim of this research is to better understand the impact of technology on luxurybusinesses from the year of 2010 until 2018- whether those luxury businessesare using technological advancements in their favor to better succeed or istechnology actually harming their heritage. The aim of the research will beachieved by the data used in trying to respond to the research questionsconducted in Barcelona.   1-    How and why is the luxury sectoradopting technological

Introduction being treated poorly. They also could feel as

                                                                  Introduction             Human trafficking has hit across the nation,it is a crime which linked to an individual whom took control and used exploitsin act of force, luring labor, and sex act. These are the components of youngwomen and children that are being forced to do and comply under theirauthority. Human trafficking is form of modern day slavery, young victims aretreated poorly and have their rights taken away of

Western Civ Test 1

Crecy English victory over the French in 1356 during the 100 years war mainly as a result of the long bow. Charles the Dauphin/VII French king who was persuaded by Joan of Arc to allow her to command the French army during the siege of Orleans during the 100 years war. Petrarch known as the “Father of Humanism” Vernacular the native language of a country Chaucer English Renaissance writer who

ABSTRACT: uses of multifaceted search is in the domain

ABSTRACT:The price play a role when a consumer decides to choose where to buy a productonline .Therefore, online retailers pay special attention to the usability andefficiency of their Web shop user interfaces. Now a day, many Web shops makeuse of the so-called faceted navigation user interface, which is in literaturealso sometimes referred to as ‘faceted search’. facets are usually grouped bytheir property in user interfaces, in order to prevent them


whaat does Grendel’s relationship with nature – the ram, the grass, the doe, the baby bird, owls, and wolves – reveal about his own character? He shows contempt for nature, especially spring, because its life and rebirth undoes his destruction. He sees flowers as landmarks of past murders: “Here, I killed the old woman with the irongray hair. She tasted of urine and spleen, which made me spit. Sweet mulch

Qualitative can be transformed into usable statistics. Uses quantitative

Qualitative is the data cannot be express asa number. It is associated with the subjective quality of a thing orphenomenon, such as feel, taste, expertise, image, leadership, reputation andprimarily is exploratory research so that usually considered to be qualitativedata. Qualitative data provide insights into the issue or assist to developideas or hypotheses for potential quantitative research. Quantitative is the data are anything that can be express as anumber, is used

LITERATURE the situations related with the accidents within that

LITERATURESURVEY The paper 1 describes the associationrule mining, its classifications and the atmospheric components like roadwaysurface, climate, and light condition do not strongly influence the fatal accidentrate. But the human factors like being alcoholic or not, and the impact havestrongly affect on the fatal accident rate.  Acommon mechanism to recognize the relations between the data stored in hugedatabase and plays a very significant role in repeated object set mining isassociation rule

In qualitative and quantitative research. Evidence based practice is

In this assignment I will bediscussing how qualitative research and quantitative research can be used toinform occupational therapy practice………….. I will then move onto………………….. Roger(1982) said that research in occupational therapy is considered as a processfor mending interventions and placement, enhancing the scientific reality ofpractice and creating occupational therapy as a practice. One apparent approachto combining research and practice is to recall the research findings and fitthem promptly to the

The Oklahoma Science Museum

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Oklahoma Science Museum No other vicinity in Oklahoma provides significant and unmatched information on the wondrous aspects of science that encompass the world such as the Oklahoma Science Museum. The Oklahoma Science Museum is indeed a spectacle to withhold. Providing realistic and theoretical knowledge on various features encompassing the wide field of science, the museum has proved the status of scenery in the city as

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