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“The Pleasure of Rabbit Holes”

Name: Course: Tutor: Date: 1. Virginia Hefferman, “The Pleasure of Rabbit Holes” 2. Words such as trance, absorbed, cold war, fraud and the internet are very conspicuous. Phrases such as intercontinental ballistic missiles, immersive intrigue, rich, haughty murderous people and identity theft are also captivation. 3. The article is about the power of the media, focusing more on the internet. It has the ability to take us in a trance.

What does it mean to be an effective teacher?

A person who has enough knowledge about a particular topic may teach; however the question remains, does this make them an effective teacher? Even though there are many contributing factors that can affect a student’s performance such as physical, psychological, sociological, and economical, it should be noted that no student enters school as a “failure”. It comes down to the processes and procedures that the teacher employs, which are the

Bachelor system and also how to prevent the

Bachelor of Cyber SecurityCyber security is the practice of protecting the system from cyber attacks and ensuring the safety of the hardware , data and the software from vulnerabilities .Bachelors of cyber security helps you in understanding the vulnerabilities in a system and also how to prevent the system from being breached.  Bachelors of  Cyber security is also know as Bachelors of  IT security is a study that teaches you

Literary Terms (5th Grade )

plot what happens in a story; includes a conflict, rising action, climax and resolution conflict the problem of the story rising action as the conflict builds climax when a problem or conflict is faced; the turning point int he story resolution or solution when the problem or conflict is solved characters the people or animals ina story cause what makes something happen effect what happens as a result of the

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