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The and management of wealth. From the industrial

The current state of the international economy is vastly complex and reaching a critical, historic, turning point. The past few centuries have seen cataclysmic changes in the monitorazation, creation, and management of wealth. From the industrial revolution, to the Great Depression, to the fall of the Soviet Union, the advancements in and evolution of the economy have had widespread effects on all facets of society. Today’s economy is one that

Medicinal industry for human and animal welfare and

Medicinal plants have been given greatsignificance in recent years due to its demand in industry for human and animal welfare and alluring market prices(Lubbe and Verpoorte 2011). India is called as the “Botanical Garden” of theworld due to variegated climatic ecosystem which is suitable for cultivationfor medicinal plants. India being one of theworld’s 12 mega biodiversity countries needs to conserve its resources wherethey are being exploited and should be grown

Over Twitter and 2015 UK General Election The

Over the years, social media platforms have rapidly grown asa sphere for political activism due to its wide outreach. Sharing ofinformation and news available across the social media networking sites invarious ways is now turning into a vital strategy for the political leaders andparties to campaign (Thorsen, Jackson and Lilleker, 2017). Politicalleaders across the world have begun using Twitter, Facebook and other socialnetworking sites as a medium for political communication

Zain region (“Overview,” 2017). The company changed its

Zain has always been a leading mobile telecommunicationscompany in the Middle East and North Africa. In 1983, Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) started operating inKuwait. MTC was the old brand name for Zain. MTCwas the first mobile operator in the region. In 2003, the company decided tobegin applying its expansion strategy. MTC began to grow rapidly in both theMiddle East and Africa. It was done through the acquisition of several mobileoperators

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