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[email protected] is a partnership established by the DefenceScience & Technology Agency (DSTA) and Nanyang Technological University(NTU). A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between NTU and DSTA on 25thMarch 2003 on the establishment of [email protected] for the coordinating and developmentof long term technology programmes. [email protected] was officially declared open by MrTeo Chee Hean, Minister for Defence, Singapore on 7th September 2007. 1.1 Internship ObjectivesThe scope of this internship was to investigate andoptimize

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Small signal stability isa challenging task for a recent power system network interconnected by weak tielines and continuously subjected to different disturbances. This stabilityissue is addressed here in term of low frequency oscillations in the range of0.2 to 3Hz observed in an extended PS(power system) network1.Power systemstabilizer(PSS) has been very popular to damp these oscillation but, withvariation in operating conditions, the performance of PSS may vary2.With theinclusion of power semiconductor

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In the case of fictitious personalities, the flexibility of a flexible response is missing. is not up to an appropriate level developed. It could simply be said that narcissistic people do not want change and with this feature they do not allow spontaneity and fluid in contacts with their environment, thus turning blocked energy into the contact into the pressure they endure themselves, increasing the anxiety and sensitivity of the

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Haley et al. 16 introduced a problem based approach in order to elicit and analyze security requirements. The authors describe an iterative process of four steps. During these steps, security goals can be identified after the identification of functional (business) requirements. The identification of security goals includes the identification of system assets and a threat analysis. Risk assessment is also supported during the identification of security goals. However, in order

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In the last few decades, the field of molecular and cellular biology has vastly expanded due to the introduction and revolution of technology and laboratory techniques. One development is the implementation of cellular tagging, specifically Green Fluorescent Protein Tagging (GFP) and Histidine tagging (His-taging). Researchers tag proteins to gain an in-depth understanding of cellular function and composition of proteins. Histidine tagging is the process of ligating a genetic sequence, CAC

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To whom it may concern:I have known Ömer for 5 years. I was his math teacher in the class and mathematics olympiad teacher outside the class. With his great conscience and determination, Ömer demonstrated tremendous growth throughout the year and became the inspiration for his friends with both his hard work and personality. He has that combination of a positive attitude and the belief that he can always improve that’s

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 How large can a setwith zero ‘length’ be?  This paper will be a summary of my findings in answering thequestions, “how large can a set with zero ‘length’ be?”. Throughout this paperI will be explaining facts regarding the Cantor set. The Cantor set is the bestexample to answer this question as it is regarded as having length zero. TheCantor set was discovered in 1874 by Henry John Stephen Smith and

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One of the co-founder and former artistic director ofSoulpepper Theatre, Albert Schultz, has been accused of bullying, sexually assaulting,and harassing women who worked for him. Diana Bentley, Kristin Booth, Patricia Fagan and HannahMiller — four actresses from the theatre filed lawsuits claiming $4.25 millionin damages from Soulpepper and $3.6 million from Schultz himself.The alleged plaintiffs claimed that they were victimized by”a sexual predator who . . . had well-developed methods

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The family is inevitablyinvolved in care-provision when one of its number suffers from alife-threatening illness such as advanced cancer. Distress reverberatesthroughout the family, with moderate rates of psycho-social morbidity. Therehas been growing awareness over recent years of the importance of afamily-centered model of care to fully meet the requirements of clients andfamilies involved with palliative care services and, furthermore, maintaincontinuity of support into bereavement.As I have noticed, there aresome physical

As experience impressed upon me the importance of

As a teenager, I founded ahenna art business in Seattle, and employed several artists to contract withsmall to large clients including Nintendo and Microsoft. This earlyentrepreneurial experience impressed upon me the importance of human capital; mybiggest challenges were not with inventory or marketing, but with developingand retaining employees. The henna business sparked my interest in talent, andsince joining Liberty Mutual after college, I have built functional HRknowledge in areas from

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