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Unstructured data is data that can’t be included

Unstructureddata is data that can’t be included into a database that has already beencreated. It uses human language, which means that you can write anything youwant. As it contains human language, it is expensive to analyse, because aperson will be needed to analyse it. For example, unstructured data can beemails, presentations, blogs, photos and audio files. Unstructured data canhave images, videos and images. “Unstructured data is usually not stored in

PREAMBLEThe enable all men totraverse the high seas

PREAMBLEThe Contracting Parties to this Treaty,Seeking no aggrandizement, territorial or other, nor territorial changes that do not accord with thefreely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned;Respecting the right of all peoples to choose the form of Government under which they will live;and wishing to see sovereign rights and self-government restored to those who have been forciblydeprived of them;Hoping to see established a peace which will afford to all nations the

NAME: established on January 25, 1964, as Blue

                           NAME:         NAVPREET SINGH               STUDENT ID :         G1749271WSUBMISSION   DATE:          12-JANUARY-2018          WORD COUNT:         2443ContentsExecutive Summary 3Introduction 3History 41. PEST Analysis 41.1 Political factors 51. 2 Economic Factors 5The Danger of Retreat and Rivalry 61.3 Social Factors 61.4

According 2. Analysis and Design activities Analysis and

According to Professor Cem Kaner -Director of Florida Tech’s Center for Software Testing Education & Research”Software testing is an empirical technical investigationconducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of theproduct or service under test” •        Empirical – derived from experiment, experience, and observation•        Technical – Having special skill or practical knowledge•        Investigation – A detailedinquiry or systematic examination Five fundamental testactivities and tasksSoftware testing is aprocess. The fundamental test process consists of fiveimportant

The cigarette with friends’ and ‘enjoying the pleasant

The vignette of ‘John, the cigarette smoker’ conveys three associative learning phenomena. Although not limited to the three, the phenomena identified are classical (Pavlovian) conditioning, instrumental (operant) conditioning and conditioned withdrawal. The phenomena are epitomised in the text by critical behavioural characteristics which underpin his substance addiction. Associative learning is defined as when a ‘behavioural action is elicited in response to a conditioned stimulus’ (Balsam, 2010). The World Health Organisation

Arthritis to be the best way of detecting

 Arthritisis the type of disease that usually affects the joints of the body. There arevarious types of arthritis such as rheumatoid .Rheumatoid arthritis is theautoimmune disease that causes chronic or inflammatory disorders and affectsthe joints that are of primary types such as the finger joints , wrist jointetc. It also attacks flexible joints. The disease is of unclear aetiology. Inthis disease the immune system starts attacking the body’s tissues, that

The with the level. Dopamine is an organic

The brain is one of the organ in the nervous system. Brain is enclosed in the skull. It contains a lot of neurons. The brain receives information from different part of the body and sends instructions to the body’s organs and systems. Also, brain stores memory, short and long term. That’s how the brain functions when the body’s condition is normal; however, how does the brain function when marijuana is

TITTLE: In the Philippines, corncobs are commonly utilized

TITTLE:            Corncob Ash as Fire Retardant for PaintRATIONALEEvery year fire disaster is one of the major problemworldwide. Example of fire disaster is house fire. House fire usually happensin urban, rural places and oftenly in squatter area. Fire is fast and canspread easily, a small flame can turn into a major fire. Some reasons that cancause a house fire are cooking, smoking, electricity and appliances, childrenplaying with fire, flammable liquids such

scaffolds valves need to obtain in order to

scaffolds in vivo that arebeing seeded on their own by the patient’s blood cells. The authors concludethat tissue engineered heart valves is the most promising approach in replacingthe human native ones, as they are more sustainable with less unwanted effectson the human organism than the other artificial heart valves.From a differentperspective, Hasan et al. (2014) present the concepts that explain the sciencebehind the mechanical properties of both human and animal

Digital skill inventory, medical history, performance appraisal, manpower

Digitalhas been a driving force of everything inthe present age. Human ResourceManagement is achieving its goals in coordinating with Information Technologyin every step with corporate goals and objectives in achieving significant long-term impact on the success of keeping an organizationhealthy, which are linked with core business operations. E-HRM is becoming anecessity for every organization whichwill help in improving quality, efficiencyand accurate services, at a faster pace to the customers and

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