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Exam 2

What style focuses on ornamental delicacy, intimacy, and playful elegance, which also dominated the salons of Paris and the courts and churches of Austria and Germany? Rococo Name the female painters who produced portraits for an almost exclusively female clientele? Vigee-Lebrun Name the First Painter to King Louis XV, head of the Royal Academy in Paris, and a favorite of the Marquise de Pompadour. Boucher Who began his or her


Exam: Semester Wrap-Up Question 1a of 25 ( 3 Historical context 1069225 ) Maximum Attempts: 1 Question Type: Multiple Choice Maximum Score: 2 Question: Which aspect of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein most clearly indicates that the Industrial Revolution influenced the story? Choice Feedback*A. Recent scientific breakthroughs inspire Frankenstein to study the nature of life. Correct!B. Frankenstein decides to abandon his belief in the ancient philosophers. C. Characters cling to their faith

Humanistic Traditions Book 5

Rococo Style The style that focuses on ornamental delicacy, intimacy and playful elegance. It also dominated the salons of Paris and the courts and churches of Austria and Germany. Vigee- Lebrun Name the female painter who produced portraits for an almost exclusively female clientele Boucher Name the French Painter to King Louis XV, head of the Roayl academy in paris and a favorite of the Marquise de Pompadour Watteau Began

There is no point in marriage

Marriages are formed to have a family even if the one had children before becoming conjoined into a marriage. Some say the child is better off in many ways if the parents are split up, which means two families will then form and a child can have both families to connect with. Christians believe that to have a sexually active relationship you should only be married and sexual intercourse should

Chamberlain’s policy towards Germany

1. Study Source AWhat can you learn from Source A about Chamberlain’s policy towards Germany?From Source A, we learn that Chamberlain was evidently in “no position” and not ready to go to war with Germany. Chamberlain describes Germany as “a formidable power”, which suggests Chamberlain’s view of Germany’s strength and how strongly he was against the idea of another war. Also from source A, we learn that Germany may also

Tsar Liberator’, Alexander II

Tsar Alexander II earned the unofficial title ‘Tsar Liberator’ from the Russian serfs when he introduced the Edict of Emancipation in 1861. This was an Edict that gave the serfs their freedom and enabled them to become free citizens.At the time of Tsar Alexander II coming to the throne, there was a great demand for change in Russia. Reformation was seen as essential to Russia’s survival in the modern European

How far did the “American dream” as defined by president Kennedy and Johnson shatter between 1960 and 1968

The word dream is defined as “to have an ambition” in answering this question and thinking of what were the dreams of president Kennedy and Johnson I define their dreams and begin to evaluate the events from 1960 to 1968 and whether the presidents achieved their dream or was it “shattered”. President Kennedy was born into a large family, he went to private schools and then went on to graduate

How We Got into this Mess

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: How We Got into this Mess The accumulation of product liability is a risk to both the insurance business and the public. Blame for this crisis has been mostly on the insurance companies in increasing the rate of premiums and the legal professions in their use of the tort law to acquire high settlements. Tort law and the system of liability have evolved such that it

Peer review

Peer review The author is carrying out studies on game theory. He selected gambling because it applies to game theory. The objective of this study is to establish whether game theory is used in poker and how it works. The theory has ways of evaluate a player’s strategies. It is determined by opponents and the state of the player. There are different types of tactics used in this game. For

PC Specifications

Create a presentation to outline your proposal for the PC specifications to meet the case study requirements. Identify a purpose and audience for your presentation (i.e., are you informing a friend, presenting to the CIO, educating your colleagues?) RequirementPoints AllocatedCommentsSelect a design/theme template to define the format and background for your presentation slides.0.5From this point forward, let the design template automatically set font and style formats. This is the beauty

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