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This research study is an inspection oftherapeutic ultrasound. The concept of curative ultrasound is analyzed withconcentration on primaries of ultrasonic physics and ultrasonic medication. Analogyof therapeutic ultrasound and diagnostic ultrasound is proposed. Low intensity andhigh intensity applications of remedial ultrasound are inspected, followed by aconsolidation on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology. Theunderlying doctrines and the delivery systems are proposed. Moreover, the main utilizationof remedial ultrasonic in prostate cancer curation

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2.6 The Status of Women during Jahiliya(pre-Islamic period)According to AshgarAli Engineer, during Jahiliya (time before the arrival of Islam religion) womenhave no right, enslaved, and also they were treated as an object where they canbe inherited as a possession (20). “Among the pre-Islamic Arabs, when a mandied, his elder son or other relations had a right to possess his widow orwidows, marrying them themselves if they pleased, without settling a

INTRODUCTION building. Some work about lighting design is analysed

INTRODUCTIONLight appear in ourdaily life. Light is affected by many factors whist it also affects livingstyle. Light can affects our sleeping style and work hours, our alertness andhealth. Some people think that lighting is just as simple as bright and shine. Inreality, lighting is so important in our daily life, affecting our eyes, levelof focusing to something and also our sleeping quality. Light reveals coloursand three-dimensional form, while directional plays

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In 1983, Prochaska and DiClemente developed the TranstheoreticalModel which is also known as the Stages of Change Model. The study and evidencewere based on changes in smokers’ behaviour. The model emphases on thedecision-making of the individual and is a model of premeditated change. Thestages of change Model functions on the assumption that people do not changebehaviours rapidly and decisively. Instead, change in behaviour, particularlyhabitual behaviour, happens continuously through a cyclical

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1.)  Descartes’ criterion for truth in the Meditations aims to unambiguously establish that which is perceived clearly and truly to be real.  The criterion of truth states that all information, and therefore knowledge, is received through the mind by chains of logical inferences derived from irrefutable premises.  Secondly, something is true and real if and only if it is in proper relation to other beliefs by appeal to deductive reasoning.

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Introduction Through this essay, I will be exploring different values and attitudes within quality nursing care and its importance in the nursing profession. Reflection is the most important tool to achieve personal and family centred care. It is also vital that nurses reflect on the effectiveness of their practice to ensure they are carrying out their job correctly. For example, Linda, D.J and Christine (2017) tell us that if nurses

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The world nowadays is surroundedby media and technology, and no one can deny how fast and immensely it hasdeveloped over time. Media and storytelling have advanced from professionalonly creations to a vast field where every individual can tell a story. Withthe growth of social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, wehave entered a time where it is much easier to create and share your ownstories. The idea that

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Study Guide Deaton

. Which detail about Friar Lawrence, revealed earlier in the play, takes on new, importantmeaning in Act IV of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?a. He is a blood relative of Prince Escalus.b. He conducted the funeral service for Tybalt.c. He is a Franciscan friar. d. He is an expert on the medicinal uses of plants. He is an expert on the medicinal uses of plants What is the main

Poetic Forms

Acrostic Definition – A Poem , Word Puzzle , or another composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words. Rules – This poem have to be written going down the page vertically . You choose a word to fill in . Each letter in the word has to make out a word or words unless it is a one letter word . To make a

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