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        Student name: Kenza BennounaStudent number: 13552757Subject Name: People inOrganisations Subject Code: LB5205Subject Lecturer: Dr Helan Gamage Assessment task 2 : Reflective journal          Theory :Communication & Personal Communication Styles Communication plays a key role inhuman relations. Nowadays, it is important to have an effective communicationsskills as a leader to understand their employees.  First of all, I’m going to show howthe understanding of communication may impact on various situations and conceptsof people in organization:

What put an effort to try and incorporate

What I believe that the concept ofreflective democracy means is the idea of there being the same percent type ofpeople in the government as there is in the actual area being governed. Forexample in a reflective democracy they would consider things like theethnicity, gender and sexuality of the citizens living in the area that isbeing governed and they would put an effort to try and incorporate the samepercent of the

I. of cinematography with a beautifully understated score,

I. Introduction/Overall ConceptAmerican Beauty is a spectacular piece of cinematography with a beautifully understated score, directed by Sam Mendes and scored by none other than Thomas Newman. We’ve looked at Thomas Newman’s work before when we examined The Shawshank Redemption and Finding Nemo, but his score here is much subtler. There are 19 tracks on the American Beauty score, and Newman does his job infusing every one of them with

The reveals the role of music in society

The Sound of Music is a musical that takes place in Salzburg, Austria in the year 1938. The movie musical was reflective of an era of turmoil as the Nazi Third Reich rose under the reign of Adolf Hitler and began to seize territories and expand across Europe. Accordingly, with respect to the work’s title, this musical reveals the role of music in society and the untapped potential of its

Ontario in Canada, Toronto. Similarly, the provincial government

Ontario is a provincethat is near and dear to the nation of Canada, with flourishing aspects interms of its rich culture, economic prosperity, and home not only to thenation’s capital Ottawa but also to one of the most popular cities in Canada,Toronto. Similarly, the provincial government of Ontario operates in a similarprinciple to the Federal Government of Canada in terms of the Westminster modeland also the First Past the Post

BLAST from the collapse of the structure, impact

BLAST LOAD EFFECT OF SIX STORIED FRAMED STRUCTUREWITH SHEAR WALLHanish Chundi, Graduate Student, Carleton University,Ottawa ON Canada.  Abstract: This paper presents the lateral stability of a 6 storiedshear wall building subjected to blast load. The fundamentals of blast threats and also that of blast waveinteraction with the buildings area studiedhere. This deals with analyzing the structure’s lateral stability inSAP2000. The Six story building is exposed to 500Kg, 400Kg, 300kg, 200kg, 100kgTNT with stand-off distance of Six meters.

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Julian with the freedom of movement and choices

Julian Moore takes on a role of ‘Alice Howland, a brilliant neurolinguistics professor at Columbia University who was given the tragic diagnosis of having a neurocognitive disorder, also known as familial, early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Which is one of the rarer forms of Alzheimer’s. From this point onwards life as we know, it changed for Alice and her family.A neurocognitive disorder refers to a decline in the cognitive ability that

Music em?ti?n m?n?gement t? c?gnitive devel?pment. Pe?ple ?ften

Music is ?n integr?l p?rt ?f ?ur lives. It ?ffects pe?ple in m?ny w?ys, fr?m em?ti?n m?n?gement t? c?gnitive devel?pment. Pe?ple ?ften use their music?l t?ste ?s ?n indic?t?r ?f their pers?n?lity. Studies sh?w th?t pe?ple t?lk ?b?ut music the m?st when they first meet s?meb?dy bec?use they believe music t?ste tells ? l?t ?b?ut ? pers?n, ?nd in cert?in c?ses, it c?n be true. H?w d?es the f?rm?ti?n ?f

What to say something meaningful about , or

What are theories of the language representation ? Andhow do we use this representational or symbolic system to regulate traffic ?Representation isa practice ,or a kind of ‘work’, which uses material objects as a effect .Representationmeans using a language to say something meaningful about , or to represent the worldmeaningful, to the other people .Language is a very broad and inclusive way torepresent something. “Language is complex relationship between sounds

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