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Our topic for a rebate is “Is the threat of ArtificialIntelligence technology real?” Artificial intelligence mayattempt to copy our own intelligence. Nowadays Computers can communicate andcalculate data quicker than the average human. However, research in artificialintelligence is advancing quickly. In the future, artificial intelligence willhave their own mind or will we be the master of these robots.  I agree the threat ofArtificial Intelligence technology is real. Artificial intelligence willreplace the

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The critical nature of climate change has made people uncomfortable and feel despair. The people are overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem, coupled with the lack of political will, worldwide, so they distract themselves from their fear and grief and get on with their everyday lives. Some of the implication is the sea level has been rising more quickly over the last century, and precipitation (rain and snowfall )

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By the 1950s, the Cold War had worked its way into everyday life in both countries, because of the arms race and the threat of nuclear weapons, tensions would continue throughout the space race, instigated by events like the construction of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile incident, and the war in Southeast Asia.Space exploration served as another dramatic area for competition . On October 4, 1957, a Soviet R-7

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Superconductors are right at the cutting edge of modern physics; their extensive range of uses in the real world and their potential to transmit power with highly minimal losses is why they are so exciting and desirable. In this essay, I will outline what superconductors are, followed by a brief history and explanation of how they work. Then, I will go through the potential benefits and uses, current research and

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Introduction:Aspart of my CILT Finance and Logistics module, I have been asked to prepare ashort report on two companies; Glanbia Plc and Kerry Group Plc.  As part of this report, I will introduce eachcompany, giving a brief overview of their histories and current marketinterests. I will then analyse each company using ratios before comparing thecompanies to each other using their income statements and balance sheets forthe years 2013-2016.Aspart of my

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My personal experience with the stock market game was alright but there were  some company that went down and it would trade for less. I know that went you make a trade, it would increase the value of the money that you make. I ended making some money with the trade that I have been doing because the trade has a large value that increases when you trade. My biggest

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RationaleTechnology, over the years, has evolved and it is still evolving until the present time.Technology was created to make new things that lessen human work. Computers are greatexamples of advanced technology. They are one of the greatest human inventions. It has beenused for calculations and functioning machines since a number of years ago.Along with the evolution of technology, computers continue to upgrade. In the presenttime, computers have become a part

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The results proposea twofold framework for the grouping of nanomaterials related tohealth/medicine, using the nanomaterials discussed in the previous chapters.This framework can serve as a prototype for an effective nanomaterial groupingprocess that paves the way for better use of available information on nanomaterials. As a first step, nanomaterials are grouped based on health-related andenvironmentally friendly applications. Following that, their toxicity andassociated risks are researched in order to group them based

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TheGDP of USA in the past 30 years (Elaine)Thefollowing diagram is the GDP of U.S. last 30 years. Inthe diagram, the GDP growth has been showed (Amadeo, n.d.) from 1987to 2006, the GDP kept increasing slowly. However, there are the periods of recessionfor U.S in 2007-2008. Thus the GDP growth rate is negative. Theperiods of recession (Elaine)In2007, the Bank calamity is happened. The 2008 financial crisis happened. Sincethe Great Depression of

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Introduction Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. The company has the largest market share in the UK with a 28.0% share of the UK grocery retail market. Despite Tesco’s success within the UK market the brand has failed to enter many other key markets globally, specifically the Chinese marketSitualtional AnalysisA situation analysis may create an overview of Tesco that will lead to a better understanding of

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