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Give your response to the view that television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world

I do not agree with this statement. At first glance, I would say that some television writers do stereotype religious leaders and people as out of touch but some on the other hand do not. There are many examples of both sides of the story from soaps to comedies and from dramas to films. I appreciate that some television writers have to make a religious person act in a certain

Response to a theater production

This play is about an Italian man who considers himself as a woman. His parents do not understand his foggy behaviors and his thought that he is a woman. He thinks that he found his true love when he was forty years old, but the end of his relationship with Coir shows that the society agrees with his parents that they does not accept gays or transsexuals. The moment that

Response Paper

Stators argument that, “the Rabbis creatively rework or even subvert biblical Ideal” (Stator, “Creating Judaism,” 141 1, Is one that I unquestionably agree with. By that statement, I believe he means that the Rabbis have made changes to, and even undermined the power and authority of, the biblical texts and the ideas they present. Based on past rabbinic literature readings that I have done, I would have to say that

Response essay

“Women’s Education” In the article “Male Pride and Female Prejudice” John Tierney covers a lot of points about how women getting college degrees has somewhat changed social norms. One point that stood out the most Is how divorce rates have went up a substantial amount. In today’s society, divorce rates have seemed to increase due to the incline of women’s college graduate percentile. In the old days it was expected

“Euthanasia is a loving, Christian response”

Personally, I feel inclined to disagree with this notion; however, I very fully understand why Euthanasia (sometimes known as “mercy killing”, often confused with “assisted suicide” and meaning “good death”) can be thought to be a loving, Christian response. It’s a grey area subject, as it is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, but there are plenty of allusions to it in some form or another.By many Christians, Euthanasia is

The Christian’s Response to Gender Discrimination

Sexism is about prejudice and discrimination. But in this case, the issue is gender. Sexism is the attitude that one sex is in some way better than the other- mostly that men are better than women.Christians are in a way supporting this issue. It is reflected clearly in the Bible. For example, in the Old Testament, it says how a man could divorce his wife if desired but there is

Explain you response to the character of Juliet, exploring the ways in which Shakespeare presents her to the audience

Juliet is a fervent and sensual character whom Shakespeare has also revealed to the audience as sly and ardent. She is young but presented to us as very mature, she receives all the audience’s sympathies as she receives very little help or guidance from home. Trapped in love she conveys her readiness for sacrifice to be with her beloved; for this she receives our respect and so we have a

To Kill a Mockingbird Response Paper

Thesis: Atticus shows great courage by standing up for what he believes is right and by going against prejudice. Atticus shows true courage in many ways. First, he shoots and kills the mad dog in the street. He does not fear being killed by the mad dog but instead stands up against it. Second, Atticus does not seek revenge and is kind to Mrs. Dubose after she insults him and

The Seven Deadly Sins: Response Phase

This is where you want something that someone else has in terms of material item, for instance shoes, houses or televisions. These sins could be personified as objects or we could base a character on one of these sins. Still Images A still image is a snapshot of a scene that best represents that scene. One person can act as a sculptor to position individuals in the group to improve the still image.

Response of aggression

The relationship between temperature and aggressive behaviour has been explained through two explanations; the Negative Affect Escape (NAE) theory and the Routine Activity (RA) theory. Negative Affect Escape theory Baron and Bell (1976) proposed the Negative Affect Escape theory. This claims that aggression is a direct consequence of high temperatures. According to this model the uncomfortable, hot temperature increases aggressive behaviour because it provides a way of reducing the negative

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