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This the penetration test, choosing a team to

This paper is about an incident related to either successful or failed penetration testing effort against an organization. The Verizon 2014 ‘Data Breach Investigation Report is web application associated incident. The Verizon DBIR is annual report publication that offers analysis of data security incidents, with the particular emphasis on the data breaches.Scope of Data Breach Investigation ReportThe increasing the depth and scope of report creates it almost single constant efforts

Chapter 38 APUSH

John F. Kennedy president during part of the cold war and especially during the superpower rivalry and the Cuban missile crisis. he was the president who went on TV and told the public about the crisis and allowed the leader of the soviet union to withdraw their missiles. other events, which were during his terms was the building of the Berlin wall, the space race, and early events of the

Poetry information

What is poetry? -Most conpresses form of literature.-Composed of carefully chosen words expressing a large amount of meaning and emotion.- an art form- an act of discovery Parts of a poem -content and theme- other poetic devices- form-rhythm-rhyme-imagery-diction-tone and mood- poetic voice and audience Content and theme -what is the poem about-the idea amd messages integrated into the poem. In others words, theme and content relate to the poets purpose

Poems – Semester 2 Final

“Where is My Country” Nellie Wong “Elena” Pat Mora “Father from Asia” Shirley Geok-lin Lim “The Woman Hanging from the Thirteenth Floor Window” Joy Harjo “Tattoo” Gregg Shapiro “In Response to Executive Order 9066” Dwight Okita “When I Was Growing Up” Nellie Wong “Vision (2)” Sherman Alexie “Brain on Ice” Michael Warr “A Daddy Poem” William J. Harris “So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans” Jimmy Santiago Baca “Immigrants” Pat

Music test#1

Harmony Important to most western music Tone A musical pitch produced by steady, definite vibrations Pitch Determined by frequency of it’s vibrations Interval The distance between two pitches Unison Two singers can create monophonic music, even if an octive apart Staff generally has 5 horizontal lines. Legato Notes thats are smooth and connected Staccato Notes that are short and detached. Triad A three-note chord Tonic The first note of any

Poetry Analysis Questions

Who is talking? What can you tell about the speaker’s age, gender, station in life, opinions, and feelings? What, if anything, does the poem reveal about the speaker’s character? To whom is the speaker talking? To the reader only? To someone else? If so, to whom, and what is the listener’s relationship to the speaker. What is the dramatic context of the poem? Is there a reason or occasion for

Fahrenheit 451 3&4

Who is Faber? A retired English professor Why did montag go to see him? Because he knows Faber has books and reads What three elements does Faber feel are missing from life? Quality of information, time to think, the right to act on your own thoughts What plan did montag and Faber devise To hide books in fireman houses and distribute them around What was montag willing to do to

Poems, Authors, and Summaries

Where is My Country Nellie WongAn asian girl in America constantly assumed to be filipin, chinese, korean, or spanishShe is confused about which race she should identify with because other people constantly confuse her for other races Elena Pat Mora Woman who wants to speak English to relate to her childrenShe cant speak englishHer children do and it makes her feel left out English has separated her familyIn order to

Poetry Unit

What are the 4 subjects that the Fireside Poets wrote about? home/family; religion/morality; nature; patriotism All the fireside poets were from the same century. What century is this? 19th When/where was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow born? 1807 in Maine When/where was John Greenleaf Whittier born? 1807 in Massachusetts When/where was Oliver Wendell Holmes born? 1809 in Massachusetts When/where was James Russell Lowell born? 1819 Massachusetts Where did Longfellow attend college? Bowdoin

Final Exam

The Beat The basic unit of rhythm that divides time into equal segments is called: measures Meter is marked off in groupings known as: syncopation The deliberate shifting of the accent to a weak beat or an offbeat is called: polyrhythm The simultaneous use of two or more rhythmic patterns is called: An Interval The distance and relationship between two tones is referred to as: Twelve In western music, the

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