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Marvell old pastoral poetry quotes 1600s

the royal court and the established church What marvell attacked in society political verse satire Marvell’s style of lyrics pernicious How Marvell views the effect of women “the impulse to expression” (Elizabeth Donno) Why Andrew Marvell may be regarded as a Romantic “chaste and chiselled accuracy” (Elizabeth Donno) Why Andrew Marvell may be regarded as a Classicalist “to win the palm, the oak or bays” ‘the garden’ men who pursue

Sylvia Plath – Quotes & Analysis

The first perspective presented is that of a younger nostalgic Hughes whose youthful impressions are recalled through memory. He uses hypothetical language of “. ..” and the assonance of ‘I’ in “…” which shows himself trying to precisely remember his first sightings of Plath, subtly suggesting that he was to be an unknowing target of Plath. “Maybe I noticed you. Maybe I weighed you up.. .” “It” “In” “Items” “I”

BJU American Literature Chapter 12

Traditionalists This group of writers includes:• Edwin Arlington Robinson• Robert Frost Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935) His poetry is representative of both the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries. He combined traditional form with modern themes. Unlike most modern poets, he wrote in rhyme and meter and depended on the sonnet and quatrain. Yet, he wrote of human failure. He drew on childhood experience for his setting and characters.• Attended Harvard as

Romantic lit

wrote a poem while listening to a bird in his garden John Keats died while fighting for greek independence Lord Byron this poem was written during an opium dream, allegedly Ode on a Grecian Urn a poem written while looking down on a ruined church Tintern Abbey contains the lines, “if winter’s here, can spring be far behind” Ode to the West Wind was the most socially conscious of the

7. The contrast in sensibility of Elizabethan poetry and Metaphysical poetry

Elizabeth I 1558 – 1603 Renaissance love poetry – love = one of the most common subjects for R poetry (summit of human happiness, reward for the poet)- frankness in terms of having sex- carpe diem attitude (love is for the young)- neverending suffering in love- sonnet: given lines, structure anf form: artificial, limited love poetry paradox poetry is written in order to persuade women to have relationship, morals of

Literary Terms: Symbol, Theme, Imagery, Point of View, Satire, Paradox, Tone, Mood, Diction

Symbol person, place, thing of event that stands for itself and for something beyond itself as well (i.e. scale = justice) Theme central idea of a work of literature, author’s statement on human condition (i.e. Romeo and Juliet’s theme is that love is stronger than family loyalty.) Imagery literature that appeals to the 5 senses (description, metaphor, simile, hyperbole etc.) Point of View vantage point from which a writer tells

ENG 231 Poetry Glossary Terms

alliteration The repetition of initial consonant sounds or of the same consonant. anapest unit of measurement with three syllables: first two unstressed, and the last one stressed. apostrophe Address to an absent figure or thing as if it were present or could listen. assonance Repetition in words of proximity of identical vowel sounds preceded and followed by different consonant sounds. blank verse Unrhymed iambic pentameter. consonance Repetition of similar sounds,

British Romantic Poetry: Poets

william blake 1757-1827 william blake – oldest poet, but outlived Keats, Shelley, and Byron.- relatively unknown due to his radical ideas and elevated writing styles- based on poetry on his study of the bible- an artist- saw visions and spirits- wrote Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience- believed that man had a good side and a bad side- does not use metaphors but symbols- thought to be the transition

Tone in Poetry terms

persona (plural personae) the speaking voice in a poem, as distinguished from the poet’s own voice. The term is most useful when the speaker is clearly not the poet, as in “My Last Duchess,” where Robert Browning assumes the persona of a murderous duke in Renaissance Italy. voice a term often used vaguely, but useful to describe the speaking voice in a poem that uses no persona. Voice can refer

AP Poetry Types

Metaphysical Poetry Metaphysical poetry is a mostly 17th century English poetic mode that breaks with earlier Renaissance ideas about romantic poetry. Metaphysical poems often exhibit introspective mediations on love, death, God, and human frailty. Metaphysical poetry is famous for its difficulty and obscurity. Augustans Augustan Poetry is best known for its rhymed, heroic-couplet satire. These pairs of lines in iambic pentameter often produce great forward propulsion, and most students report

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