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Humor Literary Terms

irony a special kind of contrast between appearance and reality verbal irony someone knowingly exaggerates or says one thing and means another situational irony the contrast with what the reader or character expects and what actually exists or happens dramatic irony where the reader or viewer knows what the character doesn’t know understatement a technique of creating emphasis by saying less than is actually or literally true satire a literary

Term One Literary Terms(40)

Imagery the total effect of related sensory images in a work of literature Repetition the duplication, either exact or approximate, of any element of language Assonance repetition of the same sound in words close together Point of view the method of narration in a literary work Euphemism a more acceptable and usually more pleasant way of saying something that might be inappropriate or uncomfortable Onomatopoeia words that sound like the

Roman Literature

Etruscans first inhabitants of Rome, Beginning in the 700s BCE,first rulers of Roman Republic and Empire; Laid the foundation for Rome and Roman civilization Livy Historian of Roman Republic who wrote about the struggle between plebians and patricians Roman Republic the ancient Roman state from 509 BC until Augustus assumed power in 27 BC patricians members of old aristocratic Roman families plebeians Of or relating to the common people of

Literary Terms – 7/8

plot the series of related actions or events in a literary work sequence the arrangement of events in a literary work conflict struggle between opposing forces; any problem that must be solved internal and external the two major types of conflict internal conflict a problem or struggle within a character external conflict a problem or struggle between a character and someone or something outside of the character exposition establishes the

Analyse how Amy Heckerling’s film ‘Clueless’ portrays the youth of Contemporary America and the society in which they live

‘Clueless’ can be seen in many different ways as it fits into a number of genres. It can be a satire, a comedy, a teen film and towards the end a romance as well. It is a satire because it exaggerates the life of the young rich in America. It is a teen film because it deals with a number of teen problems like school and relationships. This makes it

A Trick to Catch the Old One, and No Wit, No Help Like a Woman’s

The drama of the early Jacobean period saw a switch between a satirical ‘city comedy’ genre, and works cast more in the tragi-comic mould. In both these type of plays the dramatist usually succeeds in summoning up the support of the audience for the (often roguish) characters who triumph in a duplicitous world. However, in both genres we also see a different achievement, wherein lies a perhaps more moral message

Absalom and Achitophel is a poem written by

Absalom and Achitophelis a poem written by John Dryden that explains the political condition ofEngland and who should come to the throne in high satire. Dryden uses satireagainst the King, historical references, and a Biblical tale as an allegory torepresent the story of King Charles II and the Exclusion Crisis. Drydenwrote the poem in favor of King Charles II and to expose his enemies eventhough he had used the King’s

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