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Serratia and survive various environments such as the

Serratia is a gram negative opportunistic pathogen that is able to produce the antibiotic 1-carbapen-2-carboxylic acid and the red pigment prodigiosin. The bacterium causes nosocomial infections and as a result has become an issue due to its multidrug resistant nature due to the fact that it tends to cause nosocomial infections. It is also able to colonize and survive various environments such as the soil water air and plants because

Synthesis the Schiff bases showed MICs inferior to

Synthesis of Schiff bases B1–B15 followed several steps. The 4-amino-5-(4-methyl-2-phenylthiazol-5-yl)-4H-1,2,4-triazole-3 thiol 4 was obtained by treating potassium 2-(4-methyl-2-phenylthiazole-5-carbonyl)hydrazine-carbodithioate 3, previously obtained, with hydrazine hydrate. The final derivatives were synthesized in good yields by the condensation of compound 4 with various aromatic or heteroaromatic aldehydes. Schiff bases were investigated for their anti-Candida potential. The in vitro methods used were the disk diffusion disk, the determination of MIC and MFC, respectively. The activity of the new derivatives was reported to

FLUOROQUINOLONES the separation of interlinked daughter chromosomes i.e.

FLUOROQUINOLONESThefluoroquinolones are systemic antibacterial agents, from a family of broadspectrum, used widely as therapy of urinary and respiratory tract infections29. Fluoroquinolones target two enzyme, i.e. DNA gyrase and topoisomeraseIV, in the bacteria’s cell; both are essential targets for bacterial DNAreplication. 23Microbiology:A wide range of aerobicgram-positive and gram-negative organisms are sensitive against flouroquinolones.Gram-positive coverage includes:1.      Penicillinase2.      non-penicillinaseproducing Staphylococci, Streptococcus pneumoniae and viridans, 3.      Enterococcusfaecalis,4.        Listeria monocytogenes,5.      Nocardiaspecies.  Gram negative coverage

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In 1848 Henry Walter Bates, an entomologist (and die-hard beetle collector), conductedfield work in the Amazon, where he collated large collections of animals. Bates was afriend and colleague of Wallace and continued to correspond with him during this time,encouraging the development of his theory of evolution by natural selection. After four-teen years in the Amazon, Bates published a famous paper detailing his observations ofcolour patterns in butterflies. He observed that

Introduction to serious morbidity and, therefore, proper management

IntroductionThe thyroid gland is anatomically locatedin the anterior aspect of the neck with the main secretions being T3 and T4hormones. These hormones act as metabolic regulators in the body. The functionsof this gland are regulated by the pituitary in the brain and it is via anegative and positive feedback mechanism that involves the hormone thyroidstimulating hormone (Brent,2012).  This makes the thyroid an important organ inthe body whose dysfunction can lead

My part of my curriculum, I did a

My interest in communication technology bloomed when Ivisited a local radio station during my high school. I was captivated by theway my science teacher Dandushri Pilavullakandi explained how the networks andsatellites work for sending signals and data for transmission. This made merealize the importance of technology and its role in our daily lives.I did schooling from St. Montfort High School which is oneof the top schools in my town. Science

Cell carbohydrates and proteins. Nucleus: · It controls

Cell structure and itscomponents Cell:Human body is made upof several small units called cells.  Thecell is a basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms.The cell was discoveredby the scientist Robert Hooke.The name was taken fromthe Latin;’cellula’ means “a small chamber”. Classificationof cells:Typeof cells:1. Prokaryotic cell.2. Eukaryotic cell.Prokaryoticcell:A cell that does notcontain membrane-bound organelles and a well defined nucleus is called aprokaryotic cellIt is known as simplecell.Example: Bacteria.Eukaryoticcell:A cell that

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