U.S. History Chapter 20

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Why were Americans fascinated by politics during the Gilded Age?
mass entertainment and favorable sport

The grandfather clause waived the literacy requirement for voters whose ancestor had
Voted before 1867

Which of the following groups made up the bulk of the electorate until 1900?
White males

These were parts of the Republican party’s platform in the post-Civil War period?
NOT: Decentralized government power

American politics in the 1870s and 1880s experienced political parties that were?
NOT: Civil war was fading

The first state railroad commissions
were advisory in nature

In this case, the Supreme Court upheld the right of states to regulate commerce.

Munn vs. Illinois

The Wabash decision stated that
States could regulate only intra state commerce

The Intrastate Commerce Commission
was the first attempt at the federal regulation

Until the 1890s, describe Presidential power
weaker than Congress

The president who entered the White House after the fraudulent election of 1876 was
Rutherford B Hayes (Republican)

Which of the following presidents was assassinated in office?
James A Garfield

Examine the political cartoon (circa 1900) shown above and determine which of the following observations could be correctly drawn from the information contained in the drawing
Bribery, buy their way to presidency.

The Pendleton Act
provided a merit system for the national government

Grover Cleveland
curtailed federal government activities

Name a Democrat who served as president in the post-civil war period?
Grover Cleveland

Examine the photograph given above (circa 1888). Which of the following statements is a correct observation that can be drawn from the information contained within the photo?
get people involved in campaign

What court decision severely crippled the Sherman Antitrust Act?
U.S. vs E.C.

Knight Company

As speaker of the House, he was able to force legislation through Congress.
Thomas Brackett Reed

What were accomplishments of the Harrison administration?
NOT: Bland-Addison Act

The Sherman Antitrust Act
vague of the mercy of courts

The case of United States vs E.C. Knight
drew share distinction between commerce and manufacturing

Those who supported the free coinage of silver
were convinced it would help the Agrarian sectors

The Sherman Solver Purchase Act
kept a limited amount of silver coinage in circulation

Why was the Republican-controlled Congress of 1890 important?
legislation shaped the future policy of the nation

What were reasons for farm discontent in the late nineteenth century?
inability to organize and voice their discontent

Who were organizations of farmers that sprang into existence in the late 1880s?
NOT: The Grange

The major objective of the Alliance Movement was
to organize and policize the American Frontier

What were demands of the Populist party?
NOT: Maintenance of the gold standard

The Populist candidate for president in 1892 was
James Weaver

The election of 1892 as it related to the Populist Party
dissapointing result

The Panic of 1893
was caused by the economic changes of the period

What were consequences of the depression of 1893?
It brought urban and rural societies closer together

As the leader of the unemployed marching on Washington, he demanded that the government fund jobs
Jacob Coxey

The individual who rocketed to national attention because of the Pullman strike was
Eugene V Debs

President Cleveland broke the Pullman strike on grounds that it had
obstructed the delivery of mail

What were consequences of the Pullman strike?
workers had demands met, Western half was paralized

In the 1890s, miners of the Midwest
were seriously affected by the flood of immigrants from south east Europe

The president of the United States during the depression of 1893 was
Grover Cleveland

Early in the 1890s, the Democrats succeeded in
modestly reducing tariff levels

In 1894, what happened relative to political environment
Democrats broke the party’s stalemate

The greatest change in American literature during the late 1800s was the rise of

The writings of Mark Twain
relied on realism and humor of American life

Who were prominent American writers of the late nineteenth century?
NOT: Jacob Coxey

The literary naturalists argued that
the environment had a great effect on shaping American’s human characters

The leading naturalist writer of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was
Theodore Dreiser

The major issue of the election of 1896 was

When the Democrats endorsed silver in 1896, the Populists
seconded the nomination of William Jennings Bryan

The two major presidential candidates of the 1896 election were
William Jennings Bryan and William Mckinley

Why was William Jennings Bryan defeated in 1896?
the established eastern press had deserted him

As president, William McKinley
was an activist president

The 1890s had might be said to have had what effect on the US
shaped the 20th century, destiny of nation

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