Under has a population of 25.37 million (2016)

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Last updated: March 15, 2019

Under the order of Kim Jong-Un, North Korea remains among one of the most miserable places on earth to live and worst dictatorship.

In 2014 United Nations Commission on Human Rights found North korea to practice abusive behavior. These abuses include, “extermination, murdered, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortion, and other sexual violence”, North Korea operates concentration camps with an especially strong focus.  In spite of North Korea’s government,  little attention has been paid to the North Korean people. Which turns North Korea into a laughing-stock that can barely feed their own people.

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What few reports have come out of this autocracy paints a blank existence from the average citizen rate. So the real question about this whole entire topic is what is it like to live in North Korea ? To top it off first North Korean Society is based on a social caste system known as “songbun”, which is used to arrange government assistance such as housing or residence.  It’s ranks are determined by loyalty to the North Korea’s obedience towards their Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un.  A single real or distinguished side against the government can relegate an entire family and future Generations. This is why one of the most common themes in armed conflict of North Korean culture is a near extremist devotion towards the country’s leaders, On the country’s nuclear proliferation. Allegedly, every citizen in North Korea is required to have pictures of the former dictator leaders Kim li-Sung and Kim Jong-il, and no other wall ornaments with extreme ridiculous strict rules and fines associated with dusting and cleaning polishing the picture regularly, as well as their placement for maximum respect.

The cult of personality surrounding the country leaders are one of the most important emphasize aspect of songbun. North Korea has a population of 25.37 million (2016) and while that’s fairly high, North Korea’s growth has been stagnant for decades.”One of the country’s most brutal laws is the ‘three generations of punishment’ rule. If one person is convicted of a serious crime and sent to a prison camp their immediate family can also be sent with them.

Then the next two generations born in the camps can also remain there”. (Wright, Urban).

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