Underage Sex

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Last updated: August 21, 2019

Underage sex is a big problem in Britain.

Our law states that to have sex, one must be sixteen or older, whether it is homosexual sex, heterosexual sex or bisexual sex. The consequences of underage sex can be stressful, hurtful and demoralising. The teenage youth are largely ignorant about the topic of sex and the repercussions that follow meaning not only do they suffer, but we do too.

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Despite campaigns handing out free contraception, many teenagers have sex without protection leaving the girls pregnant. Most young females do not want to have the baby though and so they get an abortion. Lots of these abortions are done via the NHS and all this is draining the NHS’s resources and money which could be used for other things. A couple of decades ago, contraception would need to be bought, however now it is free. Young people should be preventing becoming pregnant with this free protection rather than getting an abortion once they become pregnant. Should the money we pay for our health to be maintained be going towards these troubled teens?Teens that have intercourse are commonly found to be infected with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sometimes acquired immune deficiency syndrome also known as AIDS. It is suspected that one in ten sexually active teenagers are infected with an STI. Infections like these at such a young age can affect the person’s later life.

They can spread the infection and the results of the infection may mean they can’t work or have a good quality of life later on.There is a huge stigma attached to young people who are found to be pregnant, infected with an STI or who have had an abortion. There’s still a certain taboo surrounding this topic and so the relatives and friends of the young person can be humiliated and disgraced.

The teenager can become a social outcast and ridiculed by her peers. Fellow school students often abuse the young girl found out to be pregnant. ‘Slag’, ‘slut’ and ‘sket’ are common slang terms thrown at the female youth amongst other verbal abuse.

All this abuse can lead to the teen having thoughts of committing suicide or running away.There have been programs released by schools and the government to try and stop the increase of underage sex, however some of these have been criticised as encouraging the act. For example, the news recently reported how a school in Edinburgh was “handing out free contraceptives to school children.” Nick Seaton, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education said that this “simply encourages teenage sexual activity.” The programs should be thought over and made fun while informative in order to grab teenagers’ attention. Examples of how to do this could be by using television, the internet – something used daily by virtually all young people or by making it a lesson in school curriculums.The World Health Organisation says that four out of ten girls have underage sex in Britain – the nadir of Western Europe’s rates.

Underage sex has terrible consequences if the young persons are not effectively educated and armed with the necessary contraception. The consequences the teens must face, consequently creates consequences for us, residents of England who weren’t stupid enough to engage in sexual intercourse at such a young age.

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