undergone It is found that brand orientation is

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Last updated: August 24, 2019

undergone researchstudy in New Zealand with the prime purpose to analyze the way in whichentrepreneurial values drive branding and industry contingencies influence thebuilding of brand norms and artifacts. Moreover, researchers had examined theinfluence of brand norms, artifacts and contingency factors on SME brandmanagement practices adopted by manufacturing SMEs operating under food andbeverages in the New Zealand. The study was exploratory in nature and data wascollected through semi-structured in-depth interviews to build case studies. Researchershad used theoretical sampling method in choosing companies.

Further, secondarydata was collected through company websites, media campaigns and business newsreports. From the list of numerous companies, researchers have selected 15companies as suggested by industry advisors and research team. The founder orCEO entrepreneurs of all those 15 companies were approached at their companyhead quarters stretch across New Zealand. Further semi-structured interview wasalso taken with marketing managers to discuss brand meanings and stories,marketing communications, brand building approaches and the like. Interviews weredigitally recorded and then transcribed and turned to be the length ranging from30 to 90 minutes. The data had undergone thematic analysis using Nvivo. The resultsfound that firms were influenced by entrepreneurial values of funder/entrepreneur/manager in understanding the firm’s brand orientation.

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Further, Branding seemedto be value creating for all the companies’ under study. The entrepreneurs fromfood and beverages manufacturing sector hold strong brand values and actively supportbrand orientation activities in their organizations. It is found that brand orientationis compromised in developing SMEs, which possesses great implication for managers/ownersof developing firm to keep efforts to develop brand as it had shown positive impacton financial health of an organization.

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