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Last updated: July 27, 2019

Understandyour main objective: Youshould be apparent about the subject that you want to transmit. Gather youropinions in a suitable direction and then communicate accordingly.

Organisedcommunication and precision in thought get effectively received andappreciated. Purposeless talks can be confusing which is why it is important toalways display an aim or motive behind your talk. Understandyour audience’s background: Thereshould be emotion and subtle understanding towards the requirements of yourreceiver.

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Understand their behaviour and culture/religion, but you are simplyshowing respect to his religious beliefs or thoughts, it does not mean youcannot state your own point of view. Do not be aggressive if you do not agreewith anyone or anything that is going against your philosophy. State yourthoughts respectfully and mirror positivity in your conversation. Understand theposition of your audience: The message must be organised tothe receiver’s level or ability. If you are conveying the message informallythen avoid using technical words and if you are addressing business elite, thelanguage should have professional complexity.

 Only mention whatthey want to hear:  Thecommunication should be framed in a simple, decent tone which interests thelisteners. Care should be engaged to keep the sentences short and humble.Technical words should only be used where they are required the most. The mostsignificant of all the interest of the receiver should be highlighted so thatit is conveyed and attract the users else you might find your audience orlistening yawning while you are speaking. Maintain apositive body language: When communicating, make sure youuse appropriate body language,avoid displaying too much emotions asthe receiver might misunderstand the message.

Try to always keep a positivesmile on your face whilst talking and make eye to eye contact with the listenerbut not so intensely otherwise you would you would put them in a uncomfortableposition. Sit upright and feel relaxed.

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