Unified make the finest military aircrafts. In order

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UnifiedCommunications has created a major impact in the life of organizations and itsproductivity over communications. Major organizations like Boeing are usingunified communications to increase their efficiency and productivity among thecustomers, suppliers, employees and other stake holders. Boeinghas been the world’s largest manufacturer of complex products using componentsfrom around the globe to make the finest military aircrafts. In order to do so,it requires an effective communication system which needs to sustain hours ofcommunication, causing no delay and with no interruptions. Most importantly,since its highly confidential of making a country’s aircraft, it requires ahighly secured way of communication from the inception stage to its maintenancestage. To ensure the privacy and integrity of these communications, I wouldlike to mention some of the security measures we can use. The most sensitivevoice traffic which uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) proxy server themost commonly used protocol in the voice communication systems, which means endto end encryption can be secured by the 3 ways which are explained as below.

 IP Sec (Internet Protocol Security) issecuring the Internet protocol which is an end to end encrypted communicationsession. TLS (Transport Layer Security) runs above TCP (Transmission ControlProtocol) which allows NAT to travel flawlessly using TLS when compared to IPSec. SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) provides encryption,authentication of the message.

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And it uses Diffie–Hellman key exchange for theencryption. ThoughBoeing have been using Unified Communications since early 2000’s, they havenever left the collaboration technologies such as Instant Messaging (IM). It isone of the most frequently   usedmessaging services. It is not used only for messaging but also for desktopsharing and video conferencing as well.

Once Boeing started its journey withAT in 2008 by signing a contract worth $400 million in order toconsolidate all its existing voice and data networks into a single IP network,the converged network project has allowed Boeing to move to more sophisticatedpart of unified communications. One of the first applications which wasdeployed on the converged network is Microsoft’s Office Communication serverwhich is enterprise wide and mostly used by the mobile workers. This serverenabled the employees to share their desktops, to have the video conferencing andalso to have the ability to conduct online meetings. Upgrading to MicrosoftLync has been successful because of the existing unified communications. UnifiedCommunications enabled the employees to share their knowledge and information instantlyand effectively despite of the location they are in.

Virtual teams like theremote working people had benefitted more with these capabilities. UnifiedCommunication system had increased its efficiency and productivity over all theemployees and their teams. CISCO is another firm which utilized UC (UnifiedCommunications) and enhanced its profitability and productivity colossally. Itutilized IP communication, which fortifies video, sound and information systemsto IP arrange. Utilizing UC in their association CISCO has profited from thecost of correspondence that is utilized and under used organize limit withrespect to different purposes. UC has likewise decreased choice cycles inorganization and enhance business.

It secures data that is examined throughcorrespondence and helps each individual in the association to get associated thatworks for CISCO from anyplace around the world. It utilizes end-to-endfoundation which is utilized to secure delicate data examined. Oneof the UC Capabilities which I might want to implement at Boeing is DisasterRecovery capacity.

Utilizing this Unified Communications capacity, if there issome debacle at certain area calls can be exchanged to different areas whereeverything looks great. By exchanging calls different areas there will be nomisfortune in information or there will be least misfortune which helps in nomisfortune in efficiency. By executing this ability, Boeing profits by no lossof data or calls by representatives, clients or providers, if calls are missedas they are exchanged to different areas from where one can recover informationand use for creation and enhance productivity. I might likewise want toactualize Business Process Integration. This perspective helps every one of thecorrespondences that are occurring.

Business process is characterized asaccumulation of assignments or exercises that is utilized to create specificitem or administration to specific client. This can be created throughrepresentation, that is either utilizing flowchart (stream of exercises) or asprocess framework. This ability causes Boeing to have grouping of exerciseswith choice focuses in visual shape. It profits by lessening its cost, reactiontime, overseeing streams and expels conditions from media and gadget.

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