Unit 7

Topic: LifeEmpathy
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Last updated: April 28, 2019
The Cavaliers fought on the side of ____________ in the civil war of 1642 -45.
Charles I

Why was there no king from 1649 to 1660?
Charles I was executed and Parliament took control

What one man was most powerful from 1649 to 1658?
Oliver Cromwell

____________ was restored to the throne in 1860.
Charles II

What did the Test Act of 1672 require?
that all government officers take communion according to the form of the Church of England

What was the “Popish Plot?”
an imaginary plot in which Catholics were supposed to have planned the death of Charles II

What was the Gunpowder Plot?
In 1605 Catholic inspired Guy Fawkes had planned to blow up the king and Parliament

Why did many English fear the Jacobites?
James II was rightful heir, but he was a Catholic

Why is the Anglican clergyman John Wesley important?
He originated the Methodist break from the Church of England

What are some characteristics of the court literature of Charles II’s reign?
French influence, witty, satire, carefully structured drama

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