Unit 8 Pretest

In The Deserted Village, the villagers are driven from their homes because the Enclosure Acts have enabled a wealthy landowner to buy the public property.

In The Deserted Village, the poet says that the villagers will either go to America or to crowded, corrupted charity homes.

In Gulliver’s Travels, the king of Brobdingnag observes that most men are morally qualified for their careers.

Goldsmith wrote a novel entitled The Vicar of Wakefield, about a parson’s family.

At the end of The Deserted Village, Poetry leaves with the rural virtues and the displaced villagers because many of the people in England are too corrupted by wealth to appreciate art.


The Puritans felt that the Anglican Church was corrupt.

Oliver Goldsmith believed that extreme wealth is destructive

Oliver Goldsmith wrote only poetry

In The Deserted Village, Goldsmith insults the sentimental village preacher.

Samuel Johnson wrote periodical essays in numerous newspapers.

Match the description to the term.
1. the subject of Drapier’s Letters2. Tory Party3. the subject of The Deserted Village4.

Gulliver’s Travel5. common man6. growing British Empire7. published by Johnson8. a novel by Oliver Goldsmith9. a comparison using like or as

In “On His Blindness,” Milton regrets that _____.
He is in prison

The repetition of initial consonants in a line of poetry is _____.

Units of two rhyming lines each with five iambic feet _____.
Heroic couplets

To give something human characteristics is to _________ it.

A story in which objects, persons, and actions represent general concepts or moral qualities that lie outside the story _____.

A fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter is called _____.
a sonnet

A type of literature that ridicules something to correct behavior is _____.
a satire

Periodicals and the novel became more popular as the more powerful ________ class began to read.

Milton was imprisoned because of his previous position in the _________ .

King ________ II was restored to the throne in 1660.

When public land was enclosed for private estates, many of the rural poor were ____.
driven away

The Commonwealth and the Industrial Revolution helped to create a strong ______.
middle class

Why does the poet take the loss of The Deserted Village personally?
He had planned to retire and die there.

What fictitious country or group of people did Swift use in Gulliver’s Travels to satirize English society?
all of the above

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