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Last updated: July 4, 2020

The United States of America and Mexico comparison and contrast their differences when it comes to instruction. stateless rates. and their overall criterion of life. The U.

S and Mexico compare when it comes to homeless rates seeing as the Numberss are increasing each twelvemonth. As for instruction. Mexico lacks standard instruction. where as the United States has a higher criterion for instruction.

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The overall criterion of life in both states is likely the biggest difference the two states have. Mexico has many comfortable countries to it. but for the most portion people who live in Mexico.

unrecorded hapless and on the streets.Children in Mexico normally have to acquire street occupations in order to assist their households with poorness. The United States has its ain degree of poorness and economic issues. but Mexico has a much higher poorness rate and their money is worth less than the U.

S dollar. doing it difficult to gain money from American tourers. These two criterions of life are wholly different from each other seeing as they both have different jobs. Mexico and the United States portion the same issues and values. but on different degrees of illustriousness. The instruction in Mexico is really different from the instruction in the United States.

They use different class degree systems and different national budgets for instruction. Both of these states have successful educational plans. and have high criterions. The class degree system Mexico uses is six classs in primary schools. Kindergarten is for the 5-6 twelvemonth old age degree. Then they begin foremost grade at 6-7 old ages old and 6th class.

which is the terminal of primary school. is for the 11-12 twelvemonth olds. Then the Mexican pupils begin secondary school. Secondary school has three classs.

First grade starts at age 12-13 and 3rd class is for 14-15 old ages old. Then they begin high school.This is called the beginning of in-between higher instruction.

High school. like secondary. has three classs. First class is for 15-16 twelvemonth olds and 3rd class.

which is the terminal of high school. is for 17-18 old ages old. Finally the Universities take over. A bachelor’s grade takes four to five old ages to accomplish. after that it takes two to three extra old ages to accomplish a Masterss. The United States has a different instruction system than Mexico. Elementary school is from kindergarten to fifth class.

ages 5 to 10. Then it goes to middle school or junior high school which is classs sixth through 8th and ages 11 to 13.After that is high school which are classs 9th through twelfth which is ages 14 to 17 or 18. It is illegal in the United States non to travel to school. but some immigrants do non hold adequate money to travel to school. Most childs in Mexico do non travel to school because of the money or because they need to work alternatively to assist their household.

America and Mexico have different Torahs and systems every bit far as the instruction systems go.There are over one million kids in America who are non acquiring an instruction because they have no money and are besides homeless. Equally many as 3. million Americans are stateless each twelvemonth.

one million being kids. Most stateless people are households who have been thrust into series of unfortunate events that left them with no money. For those life in poorness or shut to the poorness line. an mundane life issue that may be manageable for persons with a higher income can be the concluding factor in puting them on the street. America can compare with Mexico because most people who are stateless in Mexico are households.

Although Mexico has a batch of stateless households on the street. it has more stateless street childs.Six per centum of kids on the streets in Mexico are ages five to fourteen and about five per centum of Mexicans are populating on merely $ 1 a twenty-four hours. There is a batch more people populating in terrible poorness in Mexico so there is in America.

but it is easier for Mexicans to happen inexpensive shelter. maintaining them off the street. If they can calculate out a manner to do a few pesos. they’re free to make so.

Some end up selling gum and bobble-headed plaything polo-necks to tourers. Others hawk homemade Tamales on local coachs. with small fright of being turned in for a Food Safe misdemeanor.

You see a batch more people on the streets of the U.S so the streets in Mexico. but people in Mexico are more vulnerable to poverty than people in the America. The United States in the past century has knocked down old flats and turned them into million dollar condos. hold knocked down hovels and banned beach bivouacing. go forthing people with merely adequate money to happen nutrient for their households on the streets. America has made it highly difficult to populate with no money by over development and strike harding down the small hovels and old flats when people do non hold adequate money to pay for the new higher terminal things.

This has lead to many citizens turning to the streets or our Parkss for a place.There besides is no manner for them to do inexpensive money except for imploring for it on the streets. Most people on the street do non even hold money to purchase trades so they can do cunning nick-knacks to sell to the richer for net income. This makes the criterion of life in America difficult for people on the streets and for people who are really near to losing everything. Mexico has other options for homeless people which make it a little more sustainable to acquire by.

Mexico still has abandoned sheds and hovels for people to populate in and those people are able to sell the things they make to tourers.If you were to see Mexico you may happen small to no people on the streets because there are other more suited topographic points for these people. There are parts of Mexico that are developed and maintain up with the industrialised universe it is in. but there are besides topographic points that have non been touched by the modern universe and remain untasted doing it easier for more people to populate. Mexico’s criterion of life is easier in some instances and harder in others. Even though people find derelict hovels to populate. it is still highly difficult to last in rough life conditions. Mexico and the Unites States of America comparison and contrast many issues and values.

From what is explained above. most people struggle when it comes to money. instruction.

and living criterions. Some people go from holding a house one twenty-four hours to kiping on the streets with their households the following. Some childs have to work to assist their households and some childs get the chance to acquire an instruction. Mexico and America both have instruction systems but with different class degrees and ages. they both have homeless citizens. but some conditions are worse than others.

and they both have life criterions that can be clean and dirty. Overall. Mexico and America both have equal comparings to contrasts.

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