Ups and Downs

I have lived my life for approximately 5141 days now. Maybe I have not lived life to the fullest- I admit I have spent so many lazy days curling up on the couch and watching whatever is on television. Ever notice how deliriously happy all the people are in those fun-loving soft drink commercials? To watch them, you’d think life is one gloriously blissful dance on the grass with a whole herd of lovable cocker spaniel puppies. Doesn’t it make you sick! Why isn’t your life like that?Surely there must be some secret the rest of the world knows that you don’t.

If only you could just discover what it is, you’d be happy too–or would you? The truth is that these mile-wide-smile people have problems too–they just don’t tell you about them. Does it mystify you that one day you can be sitting on top of the world, soaring high in the spirit of the Lord. . . filled with faith and trust and so in love with God and the next day . . . “boom! ” Down, down you go, hitting rock bottom, no where to go, faith all dried up and your spirit dull .

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. faded!And you ask yourself “what the heck is going on? ” Don’t be dismayed, it happens, to all of us. These are the days we wake up feeling drained, vulnerable, and worried .

. Better known as the ups and downs of life! Don’t beat yourself up. When it doesn’t look good, don’t resist it, and don’t run away from it. Stop and Be Still! Stand firm in your belief that the Creator is blessing you even when things look bleak.

He loves you and would never abandon you.Look around, notice those little miracles unfolding right before your very eyes, simple things we take for granted, like drinking clean water, having a place to sleep and food to eat, walking or running in any direction without fear. Now take a deep breathe and let the sweet song of God’s teaching, healing and love dissolve your fears. Rest for a spell, be patient and loving to yourself and let Spirit guide you. And remember there is something phenomenal going on! Life is so much more pleasant when you learn to lighten up, even better when you also learn to lighten sideways, backwards and upside down.

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