US History chapt. 14 and 15

Life on the frontier was
downright grim for most pioneer families

In early-nineteenth-century America, the
urban population was growing at an unexpected rate

The influx of immigrants to the US tripled, then quadrupled, in the
1840s and 1850s

The overwheliming event for Ireland in the 1840s was
the rebellion against British rule and potato famine

German immigrants in the early nineteenth century tended to
preserve their own language and culture

The sentiment of fear and opposition to open immigration was called

Immigrants coming to the US before 1860
helped to fuel economic expansion

Eli Whitney was instrumental in the invention of the
cotton gin

The underlying basis for modern mass production was
the use of interchangeable parts

The canal era of American history began with the construction of the
Erie Canal in NY

Church attendence was still a regular ritual for ______ of the 23 million Americans in 1850.

Religious revivals of the Second Great Awakening resulted in
a strong religious influence in many areas of American life

The religious sects that gained most from the revivalism of the Second Great Awakening were the
Methodists and Baptists

The original prophet of the Mormon religion was
Joseph Smith

Tax-supported public education
was deemed essential for social stabilitry and democracy

Two areas where women in the nineteenth century were widely thought to be superior to men were
moral sensibility and artistic refinement

The excessive consumption of alcohol by Americans in the 1800s
stemmed from the hard and monotonous life of many

The American medical profession by 1860 was noted for
its still primitive standards

When it came to scientific achievement, America in the 1800s was
more interested in practical matters

A dark writer whose genres included poetry, horror stories, and detective fiction was
Edgar Allen Poe

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