Use An example of a structured design would

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Last updated: September 1, 2019

UseCase Driven is how a user interacts with systems to preform activities like goingto a library to search for information on a research paper or making areservation at a cottage on the lake. This process is used to identify andcommunicate requirements to the programmers that will create the system. It isa list of steps that defines the interactions between the roles and the systemto get to the final goal.

Use Case Driven is less complicated in how it is setup when compared to others, and mainly focuses on one process at a time. (Dennis,A. & Wixtom, B.

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H., & Tegarden, D. 2015)Architecture-Centricis a view that is ever-evolving while driving specification, construction,documentation, and sharing a mutual vision of all users. Architecture centricis a view that should take at least three different elements such as functional,static, and dynamic. When used correctly theArchitecture-Centric model helps members of a team to be flexible and frugalwhile working on a program, project or system. (Dennis, A. &Wixtom, B. H.

, & Tegarden, D. 2015) Iterativeand Incremental is a process that requires repeating steps within thedevelopment process. Iterative and Incremental breaks down large requirementsat certain times, giving people a more streamlined process. It’s an approach tobuilding software which is composed of multiple items in one step. The maingoal is to create a stable software and is used to balance performance.

Finally, any modifications to the software done should be easier to make and ifnot, the problem that is identified is more likely to be a basic problem suchas a design flaw or patches. (Dennis, A. & Wixtom, B. H.

, & Tegarden,D. 2015)      Anexample of a structured design would have to be awaterfall model which is shown above. The original structured designmethodology is the waterfall development and it is still being used today.(Dennis,A. & Wixtom, B.

H., & Tegarden, D. 2015) Each phase is taken by theusers or analysts after a decision is made in that phase. The phases areusually long and are shown to a sponsor for the phase to be signed off onbefore it moves to the next phase. (Douglas Hughey, 2009) Going up the model ispossible but not easy, it’s like trying to go up an escalator that is goingdown, you will make it to the top but not without using a lot of effort andenergy.

  Finally,I would like to speak on rapid application development or RAD for short. Thismethodology is a newer class of system development which started in the 1990s.the point of RAD is to take the strengths and weaknesses of other structureddesigns. Some advantages of using RAD are as follows; development speed is increased,and the quality of the production is also increased. The downside would have tobe the reduced scalability, and reduced features. Below is a model of what youmight see if you were looking to do a RAD model.  Citation Dennis, A.

, Wixtom, B. H., & Tegarden, D. (2015).Systems Analysis and Design: An Object      Oriented Approach with UML (5th ed.).

Retrieved from!/4/[email protected]:0.00DouglasHughey (2009) Comparing Traditional Systems Analysis and Design with AgileMethodologies. (n.

d.). Retrieved January 10, 2018, from                      

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