How has the Use of ICT Benefited the System Manual Method

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Last updated: May 15, 2019

The opposite of using an ICT system would be using a manual system, (e.

g. Using Pen and Paper and Paper Files etc.) I would have to draw my logos on paper and I would have to calculate staff earning and garments produced on a calculator or in my head. Using this method would mean increasing the amount of effort used in keeping the files and folders safe. Some trusted person would be given the folders and have to look after them. Also the folders could be damaged very easily and also they could get lost if not carefully secured.The manual system is clearly much harder than using an ICT system and is more “longwinded” and “time consuming”.

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Benefits of using an ICT SystemUsing an ICT System has definitely benefited me in a number of ways. Thanks to the ICT System I have created a logo quickly and easily, also the logo has come out much more attractive than if I had made it using a Manual System.The use of spreadsheets has benefited me as instead of chasing up members in a folder I can merely enter some of the staff’s information (e.

g. Surname) into a search field and then it will go to the member of staff that matched the specific field. Also, using a spreadsheet on Excel is much faster than using a Manual Spreadsheet, as updating can be done easier and much quicker without errors.Another benefit of using an ICT System is the Spell Checking tools it has this means that more mistakes are pointed out and are then able to be corrected quickly. A manual system does not offer this function and mistakes can only be picked up by the reader.

Even then it would be hard to correct as it is done on paper using pencils, pens, etc.Email is a huge benefit as it allows documents to be sent to any account very quickly and safely. A manual system would send documents through post, which is very slow and documents would be damaged easily.As you can see the ICT system is much more easier than the Manual System and work produced is much more attractive and correct.BUT there are also Disadvantages to the ICT System, for one there is the possibility that the system may crash and fail to respond.

This would mean any unsaved documents would be lost or only be restored in their last saved form.Also there are viruses, these would virtually destroy the system and if documents do not have backup copies and were only saved on the system, then they would be lost.Also there are risks of a hacker accessing the system and altering, deleting, steeling information.Most of these can be prevented. To prevent files being destroyed or lost, saves must be made regularly and also they must be saved on floppy’s as well as the system.

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