“Uses or unrecognized feeling”, as well as, our

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Last updated: September 1, 2019

 “Uses of Erotic” can be portrayed in various ways based on your own interpretation. According to Audre Lorde, it “is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling”, as well as, our unconscious emotion and love that is hidden from our consciousness.

The Erotic can be what our heart truly desires, however, due to lack of communication women’s voices are muted from reality. The acceptance and understanding of men to the “Erotic” view of women, “the society at large”, can achieve “genuine change” within the equality and deep interpersonal connections between men and women in terms of sense of self, communication, and respect. An opinion can change one’s judgement. To listen to one’s inner feelings and to have a strong sense of self encourages men to believe in women.

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It is a long and hard journey to attain a goal towards Gender Equality but can be accomplished slowly one step at a time. If women start to recognize what their heart truly desires and be brave about it, not only can they achieve happiness but men will likely digest the idea of equality between men and women. Change in society at large starts in one’s strong sense of self and realizing one’s importance can let individuals have self-worth and eventually to a higher level of bond or connection to every person. Suppressing feelings can bring about misunderstandings because communication can lead to being stagnant between men and women. An open discussion between men and women about their emotion, opinion, likes or dislikes may avoid the feeling of hierarchy between both genders. It may also provide a positive result of having interpersonal connections that men and women often have. Being respectful, no matter what walks of life one came from, can bring peace.

Today some women are subjected to pornography or a sex toy that men use for nothing but pleasure. Some are confused about the true meaning of “The Erotic” versus pornography. It can be compared to reality versus illusions. “The Erotic” of women is their true emotions that can be awakened if given a chance, their happiness that can be viewed from a different perspective can lead to an appreciation of one’s worth. Do not let one overpower one yet do it with respect.

In this way, peace and relationship between genders empower a deep connection. If men live up to the expectation that women are not for sexual and pornographic purposes, as well as, educating women to live with dignity, we can develop a deep interpersonal connection close to utopia. One can also “encourage deep interpersonal connections” between both genders across differences to live up their own definition of Eroticism. Women should embrace their self-concept to move towards the next step of having self-esteem and confidence because you create your own definition of “Eroticism”. 

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