Usually, wages, hours and working conditions are set

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 Usually, is determined on the basis of acommunity of interest of all the employees involved. Those with the sameinterests about wages, hours and working conditions are set in the same groupin a bargaining unit.

In addition, it is important to know that the statutoryprovisions in section 9(b) of the Taft-Harley Act give the NLRB power to decideif a unit is appropriate. However, there are some limitations. For example, insection 9(b)(1) prohibits the certification of a unit as appropriate forcollective bargaining if it’s composed of a professional and a nonprofessionalemployee. Another good example is section 9(b)(3), it states that no unit canbe certified as appropriate of bargaining if it includes watchmen and guardswith other employees.

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 2.   Whatare the restrictions upon management regarding interrogation and communicationswith employees during the organizing campaign? During a campaign,employers can engage in activities that won’t interfere in the employee’sdecision in a union selection. First of all, is extremely important for theunion and the management to have a good communication concerning theirpositions. Some restrictions upon management might be unlawful interrogation,threats, spying, discrimination against employees, promises such as higherwages, promotions, more benefits and even special favors.  3.   Whatdoes bargaining in good faith entail and how does that apply to mandatory,permissive, and prohibited issues? Good-Faith bargaining refers to”s the principle that participants in a dispute orcontractual discussion, such as a collective bargaining agreement, actethically, truthfully and seek a reasonable outcome for all parties.

” Mandatoryissues deal with conditions of work, wages, and hours. Good-faith apply tomandatory issues because both parties will work to achieve its goals.Permissive issues deal with won’t affect management or labor cost. Therefore, Ithink in this case good-faith won’t apply. Prohibited issues are outlawed.

Inother words, these issues basically violate the law.  4.  How does the economic market for competition and concentrationaffect the outcome of collective bargaining? Marketconcentration refers to a number of firms and their respective shares of the total production.

On the other hand,competitive markets refers to a large number of producers competing with eachother in order to satisfy the needs of their costumers. A successful collectivebargaining is a consequence of the interaction between supply and demand. Also,it refers to the process in which trade unions and employers negotiate andtreat. Usually, agreements are about wages, hours, benefits and promotions.

However, collective bargaining can’t be used to disclaim obligations and rightsimposed by the law. 

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