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vCenters of expertise are maid as sources of main technical support on employmentrelations, reward, resourcing and are able to provide detailed strategy plan forcompany HR and support organizational divisions with shared facilities. Ulrich states that in the topof his model should be a small, business HR group which is in charge ofcreating strategic directions and cultivate company’s goals. Therefore, we willtry to apply it to our Thames Building company to recreate past success of thecompany and reorganize staff into more effective and result focused groups.Training As was stated before to meet our company goals, personnel should feelself-growth. HR specialists and superiors may help this procedure by providingtraining plans inside the business as well as make them to join job connected programsand seminars. Moreover, a lot of organizations propose tuition compensation to supportthe worker in getting a degree. Management TrainingManager have a great influence on worker’s willingness to keep workingin a certain company.

Badly skilled boss or supervisor is one of the mostcommon reason for individuals to change their workplace. Rude managers who usethe X approach, are bullying, weakly communicate, or are ineffectual cannot motivatepersonnel to stay working in the firm. It is hard to control a manager’sbehavior in HR, but we can offer multiple trainings to create better and moreefficient management solutions in TB. In TB we noted that a problem with personnelrecruitment and training was present, people were unsatisfied with their workenvironment while line managers didn’t have enough power or skills to deal withit. One of the options in this situation would be to provide training programs formanagers to be better motivators and communicators. HRM have a great input onthe job satisfaction. Employees – through participation in decision-making, orengagement – will often give back to the organization (Cascio et al.

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, 1997). Employee engagement depends on staff feeling justly rewarded for theirskills, knowledge and contributions (Bhattacharya and Mukherjee, 2009). This isfurther supported by Ram and Prabhakar (2011) When managers provideopportunities for training and a level of support that clearly relates tocareer development, they help drive employee engagement (Mone and London,2009). Shafer (2010) also found a positive relationship between theprofessional development training program and employee engagement.

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