Valentine Was Born During Emperor Claudius Rule Religion Essay

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Valentine was born during the regulation of Emperor Claudius II, in Rome. Valentine was a Catholic priest. He has narratives of mending many people with his herbs, which he made into medical specialty.

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Valentine was loved by many people, largely kids ( Valentine ‘s Day History ) . I chose Saint Valentine because I enjoy observing his Feast Day, Saint Valentines Day, and I loved hearing the fables of his life really much when I was small and I wanted to portion this marvelous narrative that now has its ain national vacation with you. I besides chose this saint because one time I heard of his life narrative I instantly found ways to tie in my life with his.Saint Valentine was born during the 3rd century, which was a clip of suppressing lands and war. Claudius II believed that soldiers were less willing to travel off to war if they were married or engaged.

He believed they had more at interest and something to lose, unlike a individual soldier. Claudius II made a jurisprudence that no 1 could be engaged or married. Legend says that Valentine began to in secret get married twosomes because he believed matrimony was really of import ( Tompert 7 ) .Once Claudius II found out that Valentine was traveling against his regulation, Claudius II ordered that he be thrown in gaol. While Valentine was in gaol, kids would direct him cards stating how much they missed him ( Valentine ‘s Day History ) .

He besides began to cognize the prison guard ‘s girl really good, and they began to fall in love. The prison guard ‘s girl was blind ( Tompert 18 ) . A belief states that Valentine would direct her letters signed, ‘From Your Valentine ‘ ( Sabuda 26 ) . Another fable says that the prison guard begged Valentine to mend his girl. Valentine prayed really difficult for a piece, and so the prison guard ‘s girl was healed ( Tompert 19 ) . The prison guard ‘s household wanted to be converted to the Catholic religion.

Its possible that when Valentine was sentenced to gaol, the prison guard came and apologized. Valentine gave him a missive. When the prison guard was reading it to his girl, she began to see ( Sabuda 25 ) .After being in gaol for awhile, Claudius II decided to save Valentine. He was taken out of gaol.

Valentine went on with his patterns of medical specialty. One dark though, guards stormed in, destroying Valentine ‘s medical specialty, and manacling him. They threw Valentine back in gaol, into a dark, moistness cell. ( Sabuda 18 ) . He was thrown back in gaol, for being a Christian, which at this point in clip was illegal.The twenty-four hours Valentine was to be killed, February fourteenth, perchance 269 or 270 A. D.

, the prison guard came. He apologized, and Valentine asked for a pen. He so began to compose a missive to the prison guard ‘s girl. He handed the missive to the prison guard as he was being carried off to be beaten so beheaded ( Sabuda 22 ) .

One fable says that when the prison guard read the missive to his girl, she began to see for the first clip of all time. Valentine signed the missive, From Your Valentine, perchance get downing the tradition of St. Valentines Day, a twenty-four hours of demoing love ( Sabuda 25 ) . This one stating perchance may hold been the start of a stating that has been used 1000000s of times ( Tompert 27 ) .Valentine was canonized in 469 AD. He was buried on the Flaminian Way ( Tompert 26 ) . In 350 A.

D. , Pope Julius purportedly built a basilica, a Christian church with Roman characteristics, over the top of Saint Valentine ‘s grave ( Sabuda 24 ) . Some say the usage of directing Valentines on February fourteenth is based on the belief of birds copulating on the fourteenth of February ( Tompert 26 ) . Saint Valentine ‘s Feast Day is February fourteenth, the twenty-four hours he was beheaded ( Valentine ‘s Day History ) . What I admire most about this saint is the love he had for God and the sacredness of matrimony, to travel against the Emperor ‘s regulation of no matrimony and married twosomes. Besides, what I admire about Saint Valentine was his bravery and kindness. I wish I could hold his strength, to stand up for what I believe in, and put away one hundred per centum in everything I do, like Saint Valentine did.

Saint Valentine is the frequenter saint of love, kindness, and twosomes. Today over one billion Valentine cards are exchanged in the United States. It ‘s the largest card-giving season, beside Christmas ( Deeds ) .I believe Saint Valentine was a adult male of religion, devotedness, trueness, committedness, and dedication.

The tradition of Saint Valentines Day, is besides tied to the ancient Roman feast twenty-four hours Lupercalia, which was where immature work forces held an about similar lottery, to make up one’s mind which miss would be theirs, which really took topographic point on February fifteenth. The significance of these two yearss is the jubilation of Saint Valentine and love. The traditional flower of Saint Valentine is the crocus ( Sabuda 24 ) .

His feast twenty-four hours is February 14th in the Roman Catholic Church, but in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the feast twenty-four hours is July thirtieth. Claudius II went down in history as one of the worst emperors of all clip ( Valentines Day: History and Fun Facts ) .Some representations of Saint Valentine are roses, birds, a bishop with a crippled or epileptic kid at his pess, a bishop declining to adore an graven image, a priest bearing a blade, a priest keeping a Sun, a priest giving sight to a unsighted miss, a bishop with a cock nearby, and a bishop being beheaded ( Valentines Day: History and Fun Facts ) . Valentine is patron saint of twosomes, against fainting, bee keepers, happy matrimonies, love, pestilence, and epileptics ( Valentines Day: History and Fun Facts ) .

Saint Valentine has many different fables, and no 1 can exactly decipher which one is true, or which facts of a fable are true or false. During the clip he lived, a period of military lawlessness, many of Rome ‘s records were lost or destroyed ( Tompert ) . A short subdivision of one fable is that he was thrown into prison for get marrieding twosomes. Some other histories say that he was jailed because he gave aid and comfort to persecuted Christians. Saint Valentine was said to hold cut out Black Marias and sent them to oppress Christians, as he encouraged them to stay faithful. ( Tompert 27 ) .

Saint Valentines Day has been celebrated for old ages. I believe Saint Valentine is one of the best saints of all clip. I wish that I could inherit some of valentines ‘ traits like forbearance, religion, hope, desire, and bravery. Knowing what he did and what he achieved makes me desire to make something of import with my life. I hope that I have the strength, like Valentine did, to remain strong in religion when something disputing comes along my way.

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