Valentines Day

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Last updated: May 11, 2019

Romantic love doesn’t really interest me but being in a world full of idiotic ideas of love and people with heart shaped eyes makes me feel as though I’m living through an eternal Valentine’s day. It makes me physically sick to see two people trying to see who can devour their opponents tongue first. Did you know another person’s saliva stays within your mouth for over 72 hours? It’s bad enough to see couples floating around on their little pieces of cloud nine all year round but what about the undeniably irritating February 14th?Valentines Day is narcotic; it sucks everyone in either for good or for bad. This one day sums up everything you need to know about love.

Everything that happens on Valentines Day is an idea that has been implanted in our minds and has been built upon to form a very pointless day. Images of young lovers holding hands, the exchange of flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocolate candy, laughter, joy, love, love, love; all this coupled with the happy thoughts of a much awaited end to winter. Everyone from birth has been told that this is what love is and there is no other way of loving somebody and that you have to buy cards and that you have to get a teddy bear holding a silk heart with the words “I heart you” printed on it.Every year I glare in contempt at these ignorant fools who buy into this money making scheme created by a card company. Cleverly disguised as a day to show special loved ones just how much you care, while leaving those of us who are not in the throes of love to feel rejected, unloved, and inadequate. The primary motive behind Valentines is money. Every shop that sells things for people to buy on this celebratory day is not done because they want the world to be happy and peaceful but for all the money they can get their hands on, and all of this money making and greed is taking place behind A gauze of love created by the people who wanted more money.Greed.

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Love is greed. People in my opinion only say they love someone for their own personal means. Like a young beautiful woman loving a kind old man for money.

We say I love you for gifts or to satisfy needs. Love is a tool that we use on people to help us and no one else. That is what love is.The only real love is family love and love for close friends and pets.

Love is two poor people who still want to marry each other and have children even when neither or them have anything to offer. Love for a mother or a father or a sibling can never be compared to a romantic relationship that has no ties or bonds like a family bond. Love for a family pet or grandparent cannot be the same as a man or woman you met at college or work. Then there are friends. You never truly love your friends either, most people can count their really good friends on one hand if they are honest with themselves and these really good friends are from young childhood or birth.The only love for me is my family and my one true friend.

I could never love anyone like my family, no matter how much I liked him or her or even loved them.

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