Valentine’s Emperor Claudius II. Later, St. Valentine was

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Valentine’s Daywhich falls on February 14th each year is an auspicious event where peoplemutually exchange candy, dry fruits, flowers and greeting cards. Valentine’sDay is observed to honor an eminent saint named St. Valentine. It is estimatedthat about one hundred and fifty million Valentine’s Day cards are exchangedeach year and it has currently emerged as one of the second most popular eventsobserved right after Christmas.History of Valentine’s DayAccording to thelegends, Claudius II who was the then Emperor of Rome declared marriage asillegal.

However, St. Valentine was against his decision, so he decided toorganize wedding ceremonies without prior consent or approval from the RomanEmperor Claudius II. Later, St.

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Valentine was found guilty and Claudius IIsentenced him to death.Valentine’s Day Greetings by various countriesBesides UnitedStates of America, Valentine’s Day is observed in many other countries likeCanada, United Kingdom, France and Australia. The Valentine’s Day gainedimmense popularity at Great Britain during the period of seventeenth centuryB.

C. However, by the middle of eighteenth century B.C., most of the people whobelonged to the Upper Class families began to celebrate Valentine’s Day bymutually exchanging written messages to their loved ones.

With the adventof advanced printing technology, Valentine’s Day greeting cards replacedhandwritten notes. It was indeed one of the major developments in the field ofprinting technology. The people can express their love and affection bypurchasing greeting cards from a nearby store or retails shop. There was asharp decline in the postage fees thereby enhancing the popularity ofValentine’s Day greeting cards.Most of thepeople who were residing in United States of America began to send or receiveValentine’s Day card during early 1700’s. Back in the year 1840, a renownedartist and businessperson named Esther. A. Howland popularized the concept ofValentine’s Day greeting cards.

She was nicked named as the ‘Mother ofValentine’ owing to her contributions towards the introduction of Valentine’sDay greeting cards.Send fabulous Valentine’s Day gifts to your lovedonesValentine’s Day,which is observed as a festival of love and romance being almost at the doorstep,it is high to think about presenting a valuable and memorable Valentine’s Daygift to your sweetheart. You may browse through a reliable e-commerce websiteto access various Valentine’s Day gifts and place your orders much in advance.Most of theE-commerce websites have recently introduced a wide range of exotic Valentine’sDay gifts.

You may choose a suitable gift, which exactly matches your theme. Anindividual do have the option to avail express delivery services, which areoffered by the online e-commerce portals. Express delivery services isavailable both at National and International levels as well. The customers alsohave the option to customize their purchased products. For example, whiledelivering gift items to your loved ones, he/she may attach some personalizedtext messages along with a particular gift item.


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