Value Our project aims at facilitating this task


Value Proposition:

Government of
India’s 2030 EV dream:

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The government has expressed a desire
for the country to completely migrate to electric vehicles by 2030. While there
is a paradigm shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) there is still uncertainty
over whether there would be acceptance of these EVs as a part of the
main-stream car purchasing market.

Our project aims at facilitating this
task by offering self-driven electric vehicles powered by a smart application.
This would lead to easier acceptance of a large number of electric vehicles. There
exists a mismatch between availability and usage of transport facilities –
whether public or private transport mediums.


to electric vehicles

The shift to electric vehicles would
need to be a gradual process. It is more likely that an individual would be
willing to drive a rented electric vehicle rather than purchasing one
themselves in the current market scenario. This initiative would help gradually
shift the mindset of Indian customers from traditional petrol/diesel cars to
electric vehicles and hence facilitate a smooth transition for a fairly nascent
market. This would also provide users a platform to familiarise themselves with
electric vehicles, reduce the expenses incurred on owning an EV and hence
reducing the anxiety amongst customers.


OEM capacity requirements

Another major value proposition would
be in terms of enabling the integration of electric vehicles within the product
portfolios of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It would help make it
possible for the OEMs to gradually increase capacity – since the number of
electric self-driving cars can be pre-planned. Slow yet steady implementation
allows for a smooth expansion of charging station infrastructure that we plan
to set up.


mobility within cities

The importance of mobility solutions
is increasing with time. Our solution aims at improving the entire process by
facilitating environment friendly transportation of people from one point to
another in self-driven vehicles. Our mobility has consequences – cities
can be noisy, congested and prone to smog. Far too many people spend hours
stuck in traffic and cannot escape air pollution. However, mobility is also a
critical economic factor as It is a means of transporting goods and services. Eliminating
this is not the solution but our electric vehicle mobility solution may help
resolve this problem to some extent.


road congestion and traffic

By promoting a concept of shared
vehicles, we hope to reduce the total number of cars on the road and eventually
reduce the carbon footprint. Almost all cities in India are currently facing a
mobility crisis because of city planners’ stress on improving road
infrastructure for private vehicles, leading to road congestion and high
vehicular emissions. The growing vehicles are a major public health threat. With the concept of shared transport becoming more
and more acceptable among this generation, we hope to help with this
transformation from self-owned cars to self-driven hired cars by offering a
quality, environment friendly and no investment option to our customers. As a
result of this, we would, eventually, help reduce traffic and congestion on the


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