Vampirisim in Tale of two cities

Vampirisim in Tale of two cities BY K*413 Vampires have always been an idea tossed around and portrayed differently through what other people see them as. Some see them as sparkly vampires that have an inevitable love for a human, and others see them as the cruel beasts that the origin stories conclude. In How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Foster states that one doesn’t have to be a vampire to have vampire- like qualities through their actions or thoughts.

In A Tale of Two Cities, Marquis Evr?©monde portrays these exact ualities and everyone soon learns of what he truly has done and meets his inevitable death in the end. Evr?©monde was shown in the book to have little respect for anything, especially humans. Dickens writes this out clearly in the novel to show the true Marquis through several occurrences. Before the Revolution, Marquis was with his twin brother who was still alive in this time. Marquis then raped Madam Defarge’s sister and in doing so took her innocence away from her.

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This being the vampire trait that Foster had written about in his book, that an old attractive man would violate a woman, taking her innocence and leave his mark. Her brother was also in critical condition after Evr?©monde had stabbed him. When the doctor arrived it was already too late for the both of them. With this Evr?©monde made sure in every way that the doctor, Mannete, wouldn’t speak a word of what truly had occurred. Though Evr?©monde tried his hardest and thought he had succeeded, the true story would eventually make its way out to the public.

Later in the story, Evr?©monde, during the evolution, was going through town on his carriage where struck and killed a boy. He then showed no sympathy towards the family by offering the father a few coins to show sarcastically how sorrowful he was for what he had done. Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities, showing the French Revolution and everyone’s reactions towards it. He showed the controversy between the French Peasantry and the French aristocracy. He shows how each side coped with the war during this time period and how difficult it turned out to be for everyone in this time.

The aristocrats were the higher class and they treated the peasants with very little respect. Marquis St, Evr?©monde is an example of one of the men and he is clearly written out to be one of the most heartless and cruel men to the peasants. He was shown in those scenarios raping and killing women and young children without any remorse. Dickens wrote him out to show the horrible traits that Marquis had done. According to Foster’s definition, Marquis does belong in the Acts of a Vampire.

With Marquis being an exact example of Foster’s work, he is clearly shown as the ampire-like villain throughout the whole novel. Through the examples, he raped a woman and took the innocence from her and in the end killed her. He then also kills a young boy for no reason whatsoever and shows little to no remorse to the father by only throwing a few coins at him. Throughout the novel he is shown as being a very selfish man and no repute towards affections and well-being of others. In the end of the book, karma catches up to him and he is found stabbed in his bed and pronounced dead.


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