Verbal Irony

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Last updated: May 5, 2019
Verbal Irony
an expression or statement where the meaning of the words used is the opposite of their sense.

Situational Irony
where an action done by a character is the opposite of what was meant to be expected.

Dramatic Irony
the audience of a play knows something that the main character does not.Dramatic irony is a big bundle of miscommunication, manufactured by a character or circumstance clandestine to another character, and revealed to the audience.

An acronym is a phrase you make up using the first letter of each word.

This phrase should be something funny or easy for you to remember. It helps to commit the terms to memory for recall later.

Example of Dramatic Irony
Ex: Romeo and Juliet are secretly married but her parents insist that she should marry Paris. And when Juliet is grieving for Romeo, the others think that she is mourning her cousin Tybalt’s death.

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