Vernacular Literature

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Last updated: April 25, 2019
Movement concerning the human conditionPromoted: KNOWLEDGE,QUESTIONING, MATERIALISM

The spoken tounge

Vernacular Literature
Writing in the spoken language – substituted the Latin which was used in all literature during the Middle Ages

Ancient Influence
Vernacular literature was strongly affected by the Greek and Roman thinkers and ideologies such as having many gods and the descriptive and rich Latin

– Wrote love sonnets – Portrays human emotion towards another human instead of God

The Divine Comedy
Written by Dante of Florence – includes historical figures such as Virgil – show opinions on the secular/religious issues

The Canterbury Tales
Written by Chaucer in England – show cultural tensions – show materialism as well as sensual and secular life – show that people enjoy life

– The increasing literacy rate of even the lay – Increasin literacy of women

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