Veterans United States. Also the war helped them

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Last updated: April 14, 2019

  Veterans Women African Americans What did they gain in world war two? The veterans in the united states during world war two gained financial and educational benefits. The Women in the united states during world war two took jobs as men did overseas, which gave them confidence plus courage to fight for equal rights and gender equality. The Americans made so many contributions to was war, that they earned a lot of respect from the rest of the United States. Also the war helped them build of the courage to ask for the segregation laws to end.

What challenges did they face at the end of the war? One of the biggest problems the veterans faced during world war 2 was before they gained financial and educational benefits, they were unemployed a lot, and they lacked a lot of job training because they didn’t have any education. One of the biggest problems that women faced during world war 2 was that they had to find the courage to break out of society’s norm of what a woman should do and act like. Also, they found few places that they would be hired before they gained their equal rights. African Americans still faced a lot of discrimination at the end of the war, but thankfully started to fight for their own rights. What progress did they make in the postwar period? One the United States started supporting the Veterans, they started being able to get an education, which lead to them getting good jobs, which led to them being able to afford homes. Years after World War 2 women started convincing people that women deserve just as much respect as men do, and were starting to earn equal rights. Unfortunately, after the war they didn’t make a lot of progress in society, but after a while they started earning some respect and even started winning recognition for music and sports.

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  What struggles might this group have in the decades to come? After the laws were passed for the veterans I don’t think they has many problems to deal with after the war Even though women started earning some respect,  I predict a lot of women will be afraid to step out for rights. Even after all the help they provided in the war, the segregation will go on for many years  

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