Vicar of Dibley

In class today we watched the first ever series of Vicar of Dibley. Vicar of Dibley is a television drama. The first ever series was broadcasted in 1994.

the Vicar of Dibley is a comedy drama. The main issue in this drama was sexism. Can there be female vicars?? The answer varies as different people have different believes and thoughts. This is a summary of what happened. This drama is set in a typical old English parish church.

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During a service the old and fragile vicar called Pottle dies. The Parish Council looked back in time and remembered Pottle.The villagers of Dibley gathered together to greet their new vicar. They all expect a male vicar to arrive with some good sense of humour, in tune with the youth and confident. Before Pottle died hardly anyone attended the church services. This shows us that the services were boring and not lively like the church in the clip from Mr Bean we saw in class. David Horton who is the head of the parish council is shocked when an unfamiliar woman called Geraldine Granger walks in.

When she introduces herself as the new vicar, David is so surprised and shocked.He immediately said that she isn’t because she is a woman. This shows a sexist act towards Geraldine. Though after David made his comment Geraldine make a joke and acts normally.

She doesn’t say6 anything rude back. The way Geraldine speaks and her body language shows us that she is modern and has a young attitude. Then when she walks into the room which everyone else were and she introduces herself and tells everyone that she is the new vicar for the town of Dibley, everyone is dazed and traumatized.At this moment David Horton is outrages and quite offended when he know that their new vicar whom they have been expecting is woman. He strongly believes that there shouldn’t be any, not in his village. Owen walks in late into the parish church, when he is introduced to Geraldine he says, “No she isn’t…

she’s a woman,” This shows that he is sexist, and doesn’t approve that there can be woman vicars. “That’s the whole point. She’s not a chap! ” replied David to Hugo when he mentioned that she is a good chap.”He was a man so it doesn’t matter! ” says David referring to their old vicar Pottle. Its Matthew, Mark, Luke and John not Tara, Stacey…! “The strong comments which David made were clearly sexist comments.

He wasn’t giving Geraldine a chance to prove herself. Geraldine isn’t what they expect; she’s non tradional and loves chocolate. She’s friendly and laid back. Geraldine makes an impression on everyone.

She refers Sunday services to ‘gigs’ when she speaks to Alice the next morning when visiting the church. While at the church the Parish council decides to write a letter to the bishop to try and move Geraldine somewhere else because she is woman.When Geraldine walks in, she is happy and doesn’t know anything about the letter.

The group tell Geraldine that they have written a letter to the bishop. Jim reads it out. One of the things that the letter mentions is that the parish council is extremely angry and don’t think that Geraldine would fit in. Geraldine is unfazed by the sexist attitudes. They vote if they would like to give Geraldine a chance to prove herself that she can be proper vicar and encourage the villagers to attend the church. . They let her prove herself that she can do it.

Although David Horton doesn’t believe that she deserves a chance but it didn’t matter because everyone else did believe that she did. Geraldine is a person that understands old fashioned of the parishioners and likes people who are loyal. The problem in this television drama is that a new female vicar had just arrived.

Some Christians have strong opinions and believes if there should be female vicars. The problem was dealt in this episode by letting her have a chance to prove herself that she can do what a normal male vicar can do.She wants to prove that there could be female vicars. To her surprise the parish council let her at the Sunday Service. I think that anyone can enjoy the Vicar of Dibley because it is a television drama as well as a comedy drama. It is funny and amusing to watch.

The target audience I think is adults, senior adults mainly. I think children might not enjoy the drama because they might find it boring. Other people might not enjoy it because they might not be religious and wouldn’t like to watch the drama.

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