Victorian Era: LITERATURE

Topic: CultureMulticulturalism
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Last updated: May 14, 2019
Emily Bronte
“Wuthering Heights”

Anne Bronte
Youngest BronteLeast FamousAKA Acton Bell”Tenant of Wildfell Hall”

Charlotte Bronte
Eldest BronteAKA Currer Bell”Jane Eyre”

Patrick Bronte
Only Bronte sonDrugsA mess

Oscar Wilde
“The Picture of Dorian Gray”Gay pedophilePlaywright and novelistAestheticism

Lewis Caroll
Writer Mathematician”Alice in Wonderland”Stutterer

Alfred Lord Tennyson
Poet laureateKnown for themes of classic mythology”Tis better to have loved and lost to have never loved at all”

Rudyard Kipling
“Jungle Book”Nobel Prize winner

Robert Lewis Stevenson
“Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde””Treasure Island””Kidnapped”His health problems inspired his books

Charles Dickens
Write and social critic Greatest Victorian WriterChild’s rights”Tale of Two Cities””Christmas Carol”

Mary Ann Evans
AKA George EliotCritic of society and politics of the timeNovelist, poet, journalist

Thomas Hardy
English novelist and poet”Far from the Maddening Crowd”

Dante Rossetti
Poet and painterSensual paintingsFounded the PRB

Rejected Victorian ArtWanted to go back to traditional style before the painter RaphaelHunt, Millais, Rossetti, Collinson, Stephens, Woolner

John Ruskin
Art critic and patron, philanthropist , social thinker Sage writer (doesn’t believe in Victorian ideals)”Modern Painters”

Matthew Arnold
Sage writerPoet and cultural critic”Dover Beach”

Thomas Carlyle
Sage writer Philosopher, satirist, essayist”On Heroes””Hero-worship””French Revolution: A History”

Robert Browning
Poet, playwrightDramatic monologue

Elizabeth Browning
Poet”How do I Love Thee”InvalidHad an overbearing father Eloped with Robert

William Thackeray
Satirical novelist “Vanity Fair”

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